New Realm Connections are Underway

There are still ‘problems’. For some, toons from Perenolde are not available (meaning you can’t send mail to each other) from the new Cairne-Cenarious-Perenolde connected realm. That might be affecting the AH listings, too.

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… Why am I not surprised it went less than smoothly. Hopefully they’re aware and start fixing it (and thanks for the heads up, before I roll an alt there and try to send things from Cenarius).

Before merging more realms how about you fix the current issues that happened with the recent merges. Like gold being glitched out of guild banks, some guilds are missing millions of gold. The glitch is not caused by addons, I should know because I do not use addons and am missing gold from a family guild. I was last off and first on and am missing near 400,000 gold from the bank. Bank tab info on gold shows last gold transaction was 19 days ago. This is wrong because I was putting in gold every day.

I opened a ticket, told to look up why I am missing gold then it is closed. I re open it to say that I can not look it up because they glitched it out, no one was havked. I am then told that it is an addon issue then the ticket is closed, again. So I reopen it and also make a new ticket. Have yet to get a new response. This has happened with several people.

Also there was a huge auction house glitch. Many, many people have duplicate items from their sales in the auction house after the merge. Some people now have 4 of an item that they put up for sale. Some people are deleting the items, some are holding the items until WoW tells them what to do with them. Others are reselling the items.

What I have learned from this is that the next time there is a merge, to take out all the gold in the guild so WoW does not glitch it out. Then to put everything that I can up for sale at the auction house so that I will have duplicates of the items after.

Current count is EU: 121 connected servers (was 123 before), US:115 connected servers (was 119 before), and TW/KR both have 9 connected servers

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Guild bank issues are being looked at and fixed blizzard said so…

Even the first realm connection they did (EU-Aman’thul-Nazjatar) on July 8 had the same issues and they have mostly been fixed over time though it did take a few weeks.

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Guildfinder seems to be broken for several realms after the connections. Guilds get delisted after a few days without any sign except searching for them in the guildfinder. You have to unlist and relist them to get them back up, and much, MUCH worse, applications to guilds aren’t going through. On the applicant side they list as pending and look normal, but on the guild side there’s nothing. Shows as if there are 0 applicants.

If you recently merged with a realm and tried to join a guild with no answer, it’s possible they just didn’t see it.

I agree, Bravik. My server used to bounce between medium to low pop and that was where I liked it–I too picked it for this reason (and it was PvE/normal at the time that still counted). I have tried all levels of populated servers, and for my preferences for the auction house (selling) and world play, I prefer low to medium. Now my server is high population. I feel like there are tons of alliance characters running around in what feels like them working against me (I’m horde) to tag targets I also need or quest items (which has always annoyed me–why not let it all be shared when a person has warmode off?), or more people in general fighting over targets (like hunters trying to tame a rare), and the auction house has shifted to, of course, more people fighting to post things for way cheaper–great for buyers, not always great for sellers. I also hope there isn’t a wait time to log on once popular content is released, like the next expac or perhaps the pre-patch for it.

Nithenarina, people can want to be on an mmorpg and still prefer lower populations or solo play in different areas. Your argument isn’t valid that just because the game is meant to be played with others that people who prefer more should always have the louder voice. All voices should be heard for people who want to play the game. I like playing with friends on and off, and I like meeting people on and off. I like playing this as an mmorpg, but I also love having more control over how many people I am around and when, which is easier on a lower population server. I also love solo play. I wish all dungeons and raids scaled down to one, so if I wanted to test my skill at soloing it, I could, or if I wanted to bring just one friend or a couple, I could and not have to worry about waiting for pugs to understand and do mechanics. Not everyone wants to be in a raiding guild with time commitments in order to try out current mythic raiding (I have done that in the past with a great group, but it isn’t my thing anymore). I skipped basically all of the raids in BfA, not because I didn’t want to try them, but because I don’t want to commit the time for a good group, and I also don’t want to waste time waiting for people to learn mechanics, but it also sucks waiting for the next expansion before I can play the content more like I want–either with a few friends (who I know can do it and happen to be on and want to run it at the same time I do), or trying my hand at soloing it while still a challenge. My point is that all I want are options. Options so that those who prefer more people can go to the server where there are more, and those who prefer less can go to the server where there are less. Or options that allow us to play the game as we like and when we like. Visions got it almost right (with more flexible scaling down to one–and I’ve run them both solo AND with others, and I know others who only run in groups because they prefer that), except Blizzard added another stupid currency for the keys to do the visions that requires, go figure, more grinding of content many are sick of. Nevertheless, why take out these type of options and, in some cases, not add them? The mmorpg will not stop being an mmorpg just because there are more options for solo play or lower populations as long as the other options for group play and higher populations still stays. It is still an open world filled with people to play with, chat with, or even fight with.

It might help if there were more availability for people to move servers without being charged so much (even if using gold/tokens to do so)–like once a year being able to move all characters on a server to another for free, but only once a year–or something like that. I’ve moved servers so many times because years later the server is different, and I wanted something else, and I’m sick of using my time and currency to do so for something that no one could have forseen happening. Now, I’m debating moving (tough call as I have a guild and friends there now) because my server feels over-run by alliance, making it annoying to accomplish certain world tasks as a horde, and it is high population. It also might help if servers have more readily available in-game information about them like including horde to alliance ratios for the server and its connections.


I would also like the horde/alliance ratios to be displayed in the realm list in-game.


I think we should have been given a choice of what realm we wanted our characters to go. I have a bug report in because I can’t find the character that was on Black rock.

all of my characters on Blackrock were deleted (or hidden, you still can’t make new toons with their names, so that’s good.), and Blackrock does not show up on my realm selection screen…

anyone else having this issue?

When they do the connection, the server select screen tends to lose the count of how many characters you had on the realm. Your characters should still be there, but you need to select the server first to update the count on the realm list. As it’s not seeing your characters there in the list, it won’t sort it to the top if you’ve got the default sorting on the list. The best thing to do is change it to sort by name, which will make it easier to find Blackrock. I can see Blackrock on the server list, so it’s still there.


Wow thanks! I knew asking here would be quicker than the 3 day ticket wait time. Much appreciated. I’m sure this will help others too.

I do wonder though, how did you know that new characters couldn’t be made with their names, if you hadn’t gone down and found Blackrock and logged in to try to make them? The characters would have shown up then.

(Mine were fine, my friend had Lothar disappear and panicked for a good bit while we told him to scroll down, ignore that it says no characters, click on it…)

a friend of mine tried on his end to see if my characters were actually deleted or just hidden

Aha. Glad you’ve got access to them again.

I don’t know if Blizzard will ever see this nor if there were already people asking for this, but please consider merging Goldrinn and Gallywix with Tol Barad/Nemesis (already connected).
Aside Azralon, Horde on any of those servers don’t have many options to mythic raid because of low Horde pop.
Besides that, Stormrage is seeing an influx of Alliance brazilian players because of the better Auction House that could be easily solved merging those four servers thus tightening the WoW Brazilian community as a whole.
I’m friends with a guild that are considering moving to Stormrage on Shadowlands if the alliance brazilian situation here doesn’t change and probably there are even more thinking the same.


Just noticed on the update on the launcher that something is connecting to Proudmoore? Proudmoore is a full server.

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The best part of it is - Proudmoore (a full server) is being connected to another full server! People are going to be super happy when queue times hit while all those other dead servers continue to be dead because Blizzard is staffed by people who can’t make a logical decision.

I think with merging we should be given a free ticket to migrate to a server of our choice. I want to stay in a medium population server.