New Realm and Free Character Moves for Latin America

Tomorrow, Thursday, September 19 at 1:00 p.m. CDT, we will open the new Latin American Spanish realm: Loatheb (PvP). You will find it on the new ‘Latin America’ tab in the WoW Classic realms list for Americas realms.

Free character moves will be available from all PvP realms in this region to Loatheb for 11 days.

The new realm will be locked for new character creation for the first 24 hours that it is open. This is to maximize the possibility that transferring players can keep their character’s name.

Thank you!


Good job blizz

Nice, I’m sure those folks will really appreciate this, Good job!

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Diez characters!

So why do they get free transfers from any PVP realm to the new realm? They are able to play the game just like me and you on the current realms.

Are you saying its because the new realms give them better connectivity or what exactly? Also don’t give me some “different language” bs. We live in the United States where english is slowly losing its majority. We already have these interactions and language barriers on a day to day basis.

Because I didn’t choose to go on the server that I ended up going on because it was my first pick. I had to go there because you as a company weren’t prepared to handle the massive influx of a player base you had with classic.

So what do you plan on doing for all of us who are on servers without our friends because we work 9-5s and were experiencing 5-8 hour queues when we got home. Rendering the game unplayable for us the first two weeks if we stayed on the realms with the our friends.

Dislike it all you want but why are you catering to this player base as opposed to the thousands of others who were affected by your bad planning?

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This is discriminatory against Brazilians, as they don’t speak spanish. Aside from the fact that this means that they will stay here.

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Why you so mad? Lmao


This guy complaining about transfers. It’s different man, It’s a Latin American server, there is no relation with the queue problem. If you want you can transfer too but It’s a Spanish language server. Blizzard gave you the tools to avoid queues if you are still playing on the full server It’s your fault


That in no way shape or form is the argument here.

I’ve played on said “spanish servers” before and its not just spanish spoken on those servers. There is a large english player base.

There are thousands of people who are on random servers they were forced to go on, away from friends, because of blizzard’s bad planning. They solved this by opening up transfers to specific realms. Funneling players from 1-2 realms onto new ones, or from higher, yet not full realms, onto lower population ones.

Why not open up migrations the same way they are here. Allow players from ALL PvP realms to go to the new realms they opened up.

For example ONLY whitemane and fairbanks could go to Arcanite Reaper. Why?

Free character moves will be available from all PvP realms in this region to Loatheb for 11 days.

Still a big difference my guy. Big big big difference.

What you don’t understand It’s that one thing is a queue problem and the other It’s a language and location problem.


No… I am sorry but no. Lol If that is really your argument then go onto Illidan horde and tell me why a Chinese server hasn’t been opened up on US realms.

I can add that if the people that speak spanish move to the new server there is going to be less people in your queue. 2 problems solved with this. Are you happy now?


Pacific, East, Central time?



Why no French server for America too! Please Please

I think you need a minimun amount of speakers from the same language for the healthy of a server.

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