New Realm and Free Character Moves for Brazil

The top Brazilian Guilds already decided… they won’t leave Thalnos. We won’t change to a server with low population. The only option that would change our minds is getting a server located in Brazil, with a better latency. That would be an amazing move if Blizzard could pull that of. Make it happen! The Brazillian community is big enough to get a dedicated server!


there are alot of Brazilian including myself on pve realm so this changes nothing to us

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This please Blizzard do what it takes to get the Brazilians to their own servers it’s great for them

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Wait a few days for the final decision. Free transfer will be there for 11 days. So you get basically 10 to monitor what is happening.

Also, I understand there is no advantages on MS for Brazil, but, if you PVP you compete with BRs (with the same ping) instead of Americans (with 50 or less ping). So, theoretically, if you PVP, is “better” overall changing to the new server. It would also mean that new BR players would, again theoretically, create players on the BR server.

I’m a BR btw :smiley: Really trying to figure it out the best scenario on the long run.


Im Brazilian, and I do speak fluent English, also I agree with you, most Brazilians are problematic and toxic. Thats why I rather play with US/EU people.

But im glad they created a BR server. So i can transfer my 43 toon from Heartseeker (DEAD SERVER.)


and what they gonna do about english speakers who are toxic? they are like 50% of toxicity on thalnos


You’re kidding me right? If I don’t speak in Spanish or Portuguese, I get called a G ringo and much worse continually.


You may not know, but “g ringo” is not a pejorative term in Brazil, it simply means that you are not Brazilian. Now, when a Spanish speaks “g ringo” I don’t know if it’s pejorative or not.


what you talking about yes g.ringo is pejorative lol

i would never call a foreign friend g.ringo and thats why the game filters it lol

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In Brazil its not.
You can use a dictionary in Brazilian Portuguese and see the translation … there will be nothing about being an offense.
Perhaps in Latin America in general it is an offense, but Brazilians do not use this word in the pejorative sense.


I agree with this part of your statement, as I defended this myself before the Classic release. The latency issue would be diminished.
However, they didnt launch Clasic WoW with a Brazilian server from the start. Launching this server now is only gonna harm our Brazillian community, because its gonna divide us even more.
Plus, the new server population will be very low! Why? Because NA players wont join the server, only few BR will transfer and dont count on having brazillian “new players” because the game is not gonna attract many first time players (most of Classic population in general is composed by people that play it since Vanilla, TBC or WOTLK, WoW was never “huge” in Brazil because of the ping and price barrier).
Concluding, Sul’thraze will be one of the first servers to “die”, unless they implement a server located in Brazil, with better latency.

Is this a feeling or actual data? Because I couldn’t find proper data regarding this, and during my play sections, I was often meeting fresh people. It is true, I would guess at least 50% are old timers (like myself), but there are new ppl for sure.

I’m talking with some Thalnos ppl, and they are very divided. So the healthy thing should be wait for at least a few days.

They way it is used, along with other choice adjectives, says otherwise.

Luckily I can speak enough Spanish and Portuguese to know the difference.

Yeah, any word can become offensive if your goal is to make it offensive. And they are probably using “other choice adjectives” precisely because g.ringo is not an offensive word to them.

http: //braziliang ringo. com/g ringo-offensive-word-brazil/

https: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/G ringo

" In Brazil, the word g ringo means simply foreigner, and has no connection to any physical characteristics or specific countries"

I hope that is enough. Have a nice day


This is actual data. First link is the Classic WoW Census Results and second link is the Punkrat’s video talking about it.
Just clear the spaces on the links and paste them on your browser. com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeQwB39WyONgFnnJzPnhU4MorbNFGnzN09Q-aq5Tkc_065rwA/viewanalytics

www. youtube. com/watch?v=o8b6opuZ3VI

TLDR: 64.6% are Vanilla players.18,9% TBC. 1.3% of players have never played WoW. The rest is divided by the other expansions.

Awesome, thank you.

we dont go, blizz can close this server

this is an insult open this server 1 month later for “clear” US servers from brs

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Not necessarily, it can be used negatively. And please tell me more about a country where my wife is from, and I’ve personally been to many times.

Neither you nor your wife know enough from what it seems. I don’t need to say anything more, thankfully there is internet and google and you can check it yourself. Good luck!

obs: I live in Brazil. But this information is as useless as saying that my wife is Brazilian or that I often visit Brazil.

Honestly I’d only move my character there if it meant lower latency.