New PvP LFG Add-On

Looks like this:

Guy I follow on Twitter added this new add-on today, pretty useful when scrolling through LFG. When you hover over their name, it shows you their rating, win:loss, highest rating in 2’s and 3s.

Add-on name: Drustvar PVP Ratings

It was released today, he wrote on Twitter:

"Notes: Nearby players & party members are inspected and live ratings data is pulled from the server.

LFG: Players cannot be inspected so data is stored locally in a file (like raiderio). Players that are not on the PVP leaderboards (top 5000) are not in the addon yet. As people use the “Copy Drustvar PVP URL” the player will then be added into the database on the next update."

His original Tweet on releasing it today if you have more questions, I won’t be able to answer them if you’re trying to get technical:


Super sick addon would def reccomend.

Baller, tyvm.

they need to expand the ladder like it used to be instead of showing top 999 which is 2600+. but cool addon ill check it out

I saw it on Reddit and installed it tonight.

Works well. Shows only character specific ratings, but for tht character it shows -

Current rating / (win - loss) / highest rating

Still needs people plugged in to the database or it shows nothing, but it was cool to be in LFG and see stats.

The creator has a thread up on r/worldofpvp and has been responding there.

Pretty cool!

I’ve been using it and I like it a lot, really concise and honestly a big help. Shows CR and W-L. Pretty cool honestly

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I’m worried that people are going to use it with a closed mind and not be willing to take a shot on people… PvP population is small enough as is (especially alliance side) that lfg is pretty empty at certain times. Too bad you can’t use it to track crappy attitudes, that’s more important to me :joy:

Ironically I like raiderio though… I suppose it’s not a bad tool, people just have to not be idiots about it lol


I feel like most people are using the check-pvp website or looking you up on the armory anyway. At least this cuts out that time.


Yeah eh? Huh… I’m just happy to get some games in most of the time, I don’t think I have ever looked :joy: enhance life when your PvP friends quit the game.

Good news is raider io is helping me get all my 15s done. Gonna get another ugly worm mount lol

Thanks for the shoutout Efx.

This is something I do want to add in eventually. Allow players to say they had a positive experience with the player. Nothing negative.


Cool! Thanks for making this for the community!

<3 this addon is amazing. Finally someone made it.

Yea I think maybe a thumbs up button?

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This was actually the idea I was discussing with a friend last night.


Bump. Installed, must have. Please help to keep this visible.


Great addon

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I think that was one of the concerns Blizzard had when they were designing LFG. If they showed too much information, it might make it harder for some players to join groups. People would get excluded from PvP.


Id still be extremely careful if you are going to add something like this. This kind of system is very easily gamed/abused, and why blizzard hasent added any social rating system into the game.

Very kewl addon so far though, I know the pvp community has wanted something like this for quite awhile now.


Cool I’ll download this after work tomorrow


nah his solution seems solid

if there’s no way to leave negative feedback or dislike or anything there’s no way to really troll or abuse

if anything if you’re bad or unpleasant you’ll have low-no +s
if you care it’ll make you make an effort to be a likable partner