New PTR Build lets us pick Blue Eyed Blood Elves

Hey so after Ion said that some options are meant to be for NPCs only, it turns out the all the eye colour options made it into the PTR for the Blood Elves.
Hopefully this isn’t a mistake and we actually get these options considering the new Sunwell is composed of both Holy and ARCANE energies.

Edit: Blizzard has confirmed.


Good. Blood Elves have always been high elves.


or ion doesn’t know what the art team is doing
ion lied at that time that it wouldn’t be the first time

and so that the discussion stops at least for a time that they leave the option to the void elf as alleria and leave everyone happy

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To be honest? I figured it was the same deal as “Vulpera aren’t going to be playable”.

*Looks at all the adorable murderfloofs*

Regardless of the debate and which side says what, I think more color options are always welcome.

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Blue eyes for belves and human skin tones for void elves. This would be fair for both sides.


ist oficial the blood elf get blue eyes

the sunwell fix the green eyes

Victory for the glorius of the blood elf


Wow nice. I guess we can all just post in that thread instead.

personally more excited for body jewelry

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And void elves are getting high elf skin tones! I can’t believe, is it true??

yes but there is a problem, the high elves are becoming void elfs

and if this is the inertia of the game, then they can never be paladins, and they will not be higher elves

win the skin but lose the lore

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I don’t play paladin, but if someone wants to play a high elf paladin they always can play a blood elf. Or maybe they add paladins to ve.


Maybe he was trying to keep things under wraps until they were ready to reveal it themselves? Either way I’m glad both sides get to choose what elves they want to be. I still hope at least for red eyes at some point.


blood / void elves…what is the diff now lol :wink:

Bloodelves have more fabulous hair options where voidies get tentacles.
They also turn purple during their racial proc

Now if we get Dark Ranger customization then we’re talking.