New PTR build KT Female Faces are horrid


From someone that was really looking forward to this race:

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a work in progress or something else, but this newest PTR update utterly ruins the Kul Tiran females, IMO. They went from looking alert and thoughtful to ‘GRR ME MAD ALL THE TIME, ME MAD RIGHT NOW, EVEN IF NOT FIGHTING ME MAD!’

I apologize wholeheartedly if this is just a bug or a thing that isn’t done, but if this was an intentional change, please revert it ASAP. Legitimately looks awful.

Save the ridiculous scowl for combat animations please, because just casually standing there with this facial expression looks utterly ridiculous.


I logged in the PTR this weekend and they looked good. Is this a new change??


This reminds me of how they did the gnomes back when they got their revamp. They started out with pretty happy or neutral faces, then people complained. Now they’re all tired or angry.

This is the result of people complaining that they didn’t look ‘fierce’ enough. I doubt those people who were complaining are actually going to play them because of this change, and those who wanted them as they were are just out of luck :confused:

Why not just give us faces with different expressions? Ugh.

(Tiridan) #4

It’s better than the baby-face.


Not even talking about the reshaping of the face, though I’ve got thoughts on that too. You can have that without the angled down eyebrows.


Exactly @Ashcraft. Its the eyebrows that ruin them for me. They are ABSURD looking.

(Cantaloupe) #7

I, personally, wonder why non-elf females have black/dark brown eyebrows always. You’d think a dwarf or Dark Iron woman would have bushy brows that match their hair color, but nope. Always brown/black.

Gnomes with bright green hair? Dark brown eyebrows.
Humans with vibrant red hair? Dark brown eyebrows.
Draenei with snowy white hair? Dark brown eyebrows.


Actually they’ve surprisingly got it right in this case. Each scowling set of eyebrows does actually match the color of the hair so…

Little step forward, an angry stomp back?


I think the current faces are decent but they could possibly find some inspiration from what this edit a guy over at MMOC did a 10 months or so ago.
Owen Landgren responded to a tweet about it so perhaps they have had it in mind already.


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Here’s the direct picture of what Zivs is talking about

(Maelfarion) #11

I think they look much better than those ridiculous cartoon faces they used to have.

(Cantaloupe) #12

Those first and last ones make me feel things.
Tingly things.


They actually look pretty good in my opinion. the one change that I think they went too far with was the eyebrow tilt. Besides that, they look better to me.


I think the eyebrow tilt is the main complaint. It’s mine, at least.


I think they look ok. You can have eyebrows that look like that at rest if they are plucked to have a high arch and be thinner at the ends.

Now why would a roughneck no frills seafaring woman have perfectly maintained eyebrows? The same reason Draenei females look like they weigh 110lbs while males look like 400 lbs of muscle. It’s just WoW’s art style.


To me, they look like men in bad drag with different hairstyles. Their faces are exactly the same shape and style with only superficial differences, scars, wrinkles or bags under their eyes. This first time I saw them, the image of Austin Powers shrieking “It’s a MAN, baby!” popped right into my head.
Not even a lick of imagination.
I do get “roughneck no frills” women…but why are our characters so much larger than the kul tirans in town, and why…why are there plenty of examples of thin “roughneck no frills” female sailors on display all over the port?
I have worked with plenty of sailors from around the world, and there are very few of them that are fat and dumpy. Large, strong, “big boned” but gigantic stomachs protruding over huge hips and monstrous thighs? Nah.
(I swear, I am not going to get into the pendulous…you know)
Sailing is HARD work. The physicality required would not allow these clearly out of shape characters.
Allison Weber - Harborside spirits. Thin, delicate face.
Kate Banks - Dockmaster. Thin, medium face.
Harbor Guard - Thin, strong face.
Random female Boralus sailor - Thin, thin face (amazing red hair too, copper, not burgundy)
Leila Stafford - Stable Master - medium build, strong face.
(of course several of the model we have available)
Go into Boralus and look at the group of citizens gathered at the gallows. Look at the variety there. Even the blasted female Kul Tiran criminal is thin.
Ashvane deckhand - both thin…almost skinny.

I guess if this is the extent (I honestly do not want to ask how many women are actually on this team, I’m afraid of the answer) we will get for Kul Tirans…I’m not gonna bother with them.

(Kerguelen) #18

Oh, they look fine.
Better than the original.


The eyebrows are way too arched. They look absurd, even by WoW ‘not really realistic people’ standards. And of course, my personal favorite KT face - the one with freckles and green eyes - is the most super-angry of the bunch. Pretty much kills any enthusiasm I had for this race.

I would post an image but apparently, I can’t.

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post the broken link and I will post it for you under your post.

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This was the one that got me. I’m fine with making the faces a bit more stern, but the freckle faces are usually the kind ones, but for Kul Tirans it’s crazy how angry it is.