New Player

I am a new player to WoW and would like some friends. I’m leaning towards blood elf mage or a troll druid. I will hold of on creating a character due to needing to be on the same server. Look forward to playing and meeeting some new people!

This is actually a solid choice.

I played one for several years.

Good luck.

Trolls are generally considered to be sexxy by the player base.

That probably says more about the players than about the trolls.

i’m liking the game after a few days! i tried the druid out first, but want something more of a ranged dps over a melee dps. ill keep the troll druid for the time, but have a blood elf mage as well.

If you change spec to balance that is the ranged dps spec for druid.

If you like ranged dps, I would try a warlock as well. They have three ranged specs that all play very different. Hunter has two ranged dps specs. If you go druid, your stuck with only one ranged dps, which is not good. The more specs the more variety the more nerf protection the less chance of boredom.

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If you need more people to play with i have a few toons on Tichondrius horde side or alliance on Whisperwind. add me if you want some company Parzival#13189

Feel free to add me too! I always enjoy playing with folks who are new to the game and I’ve got quite a lot of spare alts to level haha. My Battletag is YogSothoth16#1918