hi im a somewhat new player and ive been grinding quests and dungeons and i dont really know were to to go or what to do, would possibly like to pursue sets and mounts, but dont know were to really start any help would be great

BTW: im a level 40, Blood Elf(Horde)

if you open your adventure guide, it will give you suggestions on where to go.

at level 40, about the only mounts you can farm are faction mounts kodos, undead horses, wolves etc.

mount farming becomes more viable as you level up, and gain access to more content.

@Nobully-blackrock what about sets same thing as i level up ?

yes, the same with sets.
sets have traditionally been endgame gear, so they become available at 60, 70, 80, 85, 90, 100, 110, 120.

there are a few low level sets, but they’re mostly just items which match with each other, not traditional sets.

what are those sets called, and should i just keep doing dungeons

I would keeping running dungeons and quest while waiting in queue. Focus on leveling now you’ll have plenty of time to farm transmogs later. At higher levels you will be able to solo old raids and get all the loot. The game gets better at higher levels with more skills, better graphics, etc. most people are in end game 110-120 zones with so many different types of end game content.

While the first “official” sets become available at 60, they drop in raids, that you won’t be able to solo until closer to 80. (And you aren’t likely to find groups for them as they aren’t a part of the queue system, and most people just solo them at higher levels.)

There are some unofficial sets (the ones that Nobully mentioned) that you can pick up pieces for while leveling to 60. You get the pieces from quest rewards and dungeons. (As they’re not official, they’re kind of all over the place, with different color variations.) If you clear out a bunch of quests, you should have some matching pieces. There are also some matching bind on equip sets out there. Sometimes they’ll share some looks with the quest reward gear. As I said, it’s a bit of a mess.

It’s really not worth putting a lot of time into while leveling. At max level, it will be a lot easier to collect stuff. If you just keep questing and doing some dungeons, you’ll start collecting appearances anyhow.

I recommend the addon “Mogit”. Shows the appearances of every piece of gear in the game on every race.


both wowhead and icy-veins have transmog sets available for viewing as well as info as to where the pieces drop.
This is one of my low level cloth wearer sets:

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The world map displays what level you can enter new zones. If you press M (default key for map) and mouse over the areas you will see a level range. You can pick up quests for these areas once you reach the minimum level required.

Sometimes you aren’t lead nicely through zones. Usually, but not always. If you think you’ve done every quest in a zone, open up the map like Gunark says and find the next one where the level range is suitable and go there and look for quest-givers, who will usually be located in the easiest spot to find or near a flight point when you first enter a new zone, but sometimes in towns and stuff too. If you have any outstanding quests, complete those too. Sometimes a quest you might find unimportant will actually be a prerequisite for a bunch of other quests which won’t show up unless you do the ones that come first in the story they’re telling.

edit. Look for ‘Zones by level’ on Wowpedia. They have a nice list of all zones organised by the level-range they cater to.