New player needs advice

I am a new player who is looking for a good community to be a part of. Since I have already taken the time to post what I am looking for here: New player looking for help, it would be nice if you all could look over that and maybe help me find a guild that is close to what I am looking for.

I greatly appreciate any help you all could provide in this matter. I am starting to lose interest in the game because it is very lonely to play in isolation and the extreme min/max culture waiting for new players at 60 is very off-putting. So, I am trying to take the initative and find a group of like-minded people to have a genuinely fun MMO experience with.

Edit: I just wanted to be clear that I am only posting this here because I am interested in joining this server. It seems to have a laid back community with a lot of mature people who are trying to advance while having fun.

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You’re a dwarf! Dwarves always have a home and a family in The Winterforge Clan! They took us gnomes in as their own when Gnomeregan fell. No tall ones though… tall ones go to Vengeance of Elune!

Queb promises to help by me killing dwarf only one time per day

Bring it on, Queb. I am a proud dwarf who will show no fear, even if the odds are stacked against me. I will rally my Alliance brothers and sisters and we will wage war against the mighty orcs and their allies.

Heed my warning, Queb. I might be but a wee dwarf compared to you, but the power of the Alliance comes from our strong bonds with one another. I will always be ready to raise arms for my allies and I hope they will do the same for me.


I am Tauren, so obviously Horde, which means my knowledge of Alliance life is understandably limited. I have met many great people from the Alliance, and consider them honorable both in and out of battle.

We are a low population server, but that is also part of the charm here. Life can be more on the quiet side in our version of Azeroth, but we have a great love for our community, and we tend to it thoughtfully. We all try to work together and depend upon each other.

While you may have to spend a bit of time putting together dungeon groups while leveling, it’s not impossible–especially within the coalitions we have built between guilds. There’s a lot of cross-guild cooperation to help overcome the challenges to a smaller player pool.

I do not actively do much raiding, but many in my guild do. Through the coalitions, multi-guild raids form regularly. There is little drama and people are patient and willing to teach as well as allow less experienced players a turn on the team.

The guilds are open and friendly. While cultures may vary within different guilds, it is not difficult to become connected and start feeling at home no matter which guild you join. There is also a lot of cross pollination between guilds, which also helps form bonds.

Leveling here will often take effort and patience, but I think you’ll find your time here worthwhile.

EDIT: Took me a minute to compose the novella response, but I see you have already committed to the Dirty Alliance. Glad to have you here regardless of faction.