New player looking for guild


I’m fairly new to wow, I’m on the Area 52 server and part of the horde, I tried playing last year when BFA releases but wasn’t too interested in playing alone. So just looking for a noob friendly guild. My discord is IMasterMario#5946


Im not a guild but ill run with ya if u wanna add me Gixxerkid702#1640

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Hi Absoltuezero! Sent you a request on Discord :slight_smile:

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@Weslysnips are you looking for a guild?


Im in a guild i just dont do anything with them. Bearly even talk to them lol i aint part of their clique

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Well send me an IM on Discord if you want to look elsewhere. We’re on the same server as you :slight_smile:


Sent ya an add. Wont be on for another 4 hours lol


Thanks Wesley! I tried to add you on discord but keeps saying could not find


Oh thats cuz its my battletag lol ill give u my discord info hold up


Weslysnips#6275 is my disc


I am looking for a guild if anyone is accepting

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Is Horde Okay @Sliderwolf?