New player LF guild to learn the endgame

Hello! I am a new player looking to join a guild to grow into the game with. I just hit level 60 for the first time and am starting Dragonflght today. I am on Cenarion Circle but will transfer for a good opportunity. I am over 30 and work full time and am looking for a nightly and weekend type guild. HELP!

Good Morning. Reach out to me in discord. HotnHordy#9685

Hi there! I’m one of the recruitment leaders for Part Time Heroes-Hyjal’s Team Eternity. Team Eternity is a AOTC focused casual raid team. Our guild believes community comes before progression, and we are very new player friendly. Here’s a little snippet from our main guild recruitment post that explains more about us. Feel free to reach out to myself, Thanagor, or our guild master Tyr if you’re interested!

:green_square: Team Eternity :green_square:

About Team Eternity: Team Eternity was founded a little bit before the release of Aberrus. We are a casual AOTC focused team who raids once a week. The plans for Team Eternity are to full clear heroic, get all of our team members AOTC, and then we will break until next tier once everybody has their AOTC achievement. This team will not raid mythic at all. We are both Horde and Alliance friendly.

Raid Schedule: Friday – 8-11pm PST (3 hrs/wk)

Current Progress: 9/9N 8/9H Aberrus

Current Needs: Healers besides hpal and prevoker, havoc DH, any rogue, melee DPS in general


Please note that all of the above are preferred classes/specs, but any and all capable players will be considered. Capable offspecs are a big plus!

If you are interested and want to know more, please feel free to reach out via BNet or Discord for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Team Eternity Recruitment Lead Discord: ghostgrinder
Recruitment Leader BNet: GhostGrinder#11259
GM BNet: Panda507#1655
GM Discord: panduhhh

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Hey there! I’m from Wipes to Rats. We’re a raiding guild on Area 52. We have no problem bringing a new player like yourself in and showing you the ropes and getting you into the end game content!

If you’re interested add me on discord: purple_86

Heya!! Being new to this giant game can be absolutely overwhelming, there is SO much to do. Degenerates Only is on Stormrage, we are a rowdy fun bunch in the same age range as yourself, who are more than happy to help educate and participate. We are alt-aholics, so running lower end content is a casual activity for us as well.

See my recruitment spam below - if it peaks your interest, shoot me a message in discord!

[Degenerates Only] - Stormrage - Is Freshly Formed M+/Raiding Guild of sweaty Degens. LF Chill & Semi-Casual folks. We’re all about being loud and have a good time. We have some great gamers apart of the group that are happy to help/teach/hang out.

Our goal as a guild is to be a true community in that - folks feel free to chit chat, to ask for help, to group regularly without feeling left out or ignored.

H Reclears currently - Thursday 9pm-12am EST. Content is easy - practice and good vibes are what clears bosses. Standing in fire does sometimes give you a buff, and its usually my healing parses Stress free and fun raiding environment is our ultimate goal.

Normal / Alt night - Sunday 9pm EST - 12am EST

Mythic+ - We do mythic plus nights usually on our offnights, sometimes I schedule an event day for this. We run keys for alts, but also push higher keys if you are interested in that part of the game as well.

We also do fun events - Discord Transmog contests, and ingame events.

If we’re not having a good time, what is the point?

Send me a discord friend request if you wanna chat more You are welcome to sit in discord and partake.

Discord: mayonnaise_
Btag: Musturd#11211


My guild Daybreak @ Tichondrius is currently recruiting chill players who enjoy the game in any and all capacity - altoholics, collectors, PVPers, key pushers, recently returning or new players - we’d love to have you!

Our community events include mount/mog runs, pvp nights, keys, movie nights, and anything else that sounds fun. Discord is active during the day and many guildies enjoy running WotLK content in our sister guild and D4 together as well.

As a guild we’re AOTC VotI 2/8M and AOTC Aberrus with several members having KSM completed for the season already. Raid days are Mon / Wed @ 7PM PST. If you’re interested in raiding casually once heroic is on farm the team is happy to have non raiders on Mondays for relaxed runs.

We’re hoping to build a fun and friendly community of mature gamers and nerds who like to smash pixels in their downtime.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in please let us know.

Discord: bresei#4676
Bnet: bresei#1157

Discord: Grum#9775
Bnet: Grum#11774


:crescent_moon: Greetings, fellow adventurers! :crescent_moon:

Ready to ascend to new heights? Nightmares of the Fallen on US Aggramar-Frizzcrank awaits your arrival! Our guild is a haven for exceptional players like you, fervently chasing Ahead of the Curve (AOTC) glory. We’re united by a passion for raiding, community, and overcoming challenges together.

:fire: What Awaits You:

:sparkles: A vibrant community of like-minded comrades.
:sparkles: Devoted leaders cultivating a positive raid atmosphere.
:sparkles: Consistent AOTC success with eyes on even greater achievements.
:sparkles: Mythic prospects for those who stand out.
:sparkles: Supportive mentoring, feedback, and resource access for self-improvement.

:crystal_ball: What We Desire:

:sparkles: AOTC-level experience or the prowess to match.
:sparkles: Dedication to honing your role through continuous learning.
:sparkles: Flexibility with scheduling, understanding real-life commitments.
:sparkles: Effective communication and a thirst for adaptability.
:sparkles: A sunlit attitude contributing to our lively, collaborative spirit.

:dizzy: Journey with us to vanquish Azeroth’s trials hand in hand. Whether you’re seasoned or rising, if you’re hungry for growth, Nightmares of the Fallen is your haven.

:scroll: To venture forth, contact our recruiters in-game for a chat:

Discord: cuttercupx, Adeo83

BattleTag: Cuttercup#1168, Adeo#1542

:star2: Embrace bold aspirations with Nightmares of the Fallen! :star2:

Hi Meeber,
We have a AOTC semi-hardcore raid team with open spots right now that we are recruiting for the upcoming raid tier. Below I have put the link to our guild information for you to look through if you would like. If it looks like something you would like to be a part of please feel free to reach out to me on discord (Byndi) or through Battlenet (DireRaven#1113911) as we would love to add you to the family.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a great day!