New Player Can't Party Sync

My friend summoned his referred friend before she completed her beginning quests in GIlneas. She set her hearth to Darkshore and they gathered quests. When they hit Party Sync, they received the notification “Party Sync failed to start because a party member has not completed their starting quests”. But she could not return to GIlneas to finish them. I tried to bring them back there but apparently you can’t go back to Gilneas. Any one know any way to fix this? She’s ready to give up on her character and that doesn’t seem right.

At this point, it will probably require putting in a ticket and seeing if a GM can do something to fix it. (Although if they haven’t already, try relogging, as I’ve seen reports that it might help.)

Honestly, at this point, I’d probably just start a new character, and if she want’s to do another Worgen, make a character to level through the starting zone with her. It’s really not that much time lost, and it will go even quicker the second time through.

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Thank you for the advice, I think she is going to re-roll because she wasn’t loving the Worgen quest line to begin with, just is beat because she got to like level 18. Which isn’t a lot when you have a lot of 120’s but on your first character it seems far. We will see if the relog worked.

I told her to open a ticket but she could not figure it out, it kept sending her to FAQ’s for help.