New open world content

Oh yay… more forced grouping :weary:


I wonder if they saw my feedback about the 6hr gap not being coprime with 24? 5hrs is way better since it means that things will spawn at different times every day.


You have absolutely no clue what the rewards even are. And you can likely do it solo.

Good grief.

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Take on elite mobs solo ? Chill there world first wannabe.

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For participating, you will receive Essence of the Storm, which can be exchanged for rewards. Look out for other vendors who can sell you items to help weather the storm, as the Primalists try to Freeze all of their enemies to the bone.

Hmmm I hope the rewards are worth it

Are you really that bad at the game that you cant solo the “elites” at the current world events?
They have like 500k HP.


You do not need to group up. These events are swarming with people. A mob has 2000k HP? No worries. Hell, you’re lucky to get a tag some times.

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You might not be able to take on a mob solo but you can tag it and fight it with others. I did that today with a world quest that required me to killed three protodrakes. I either started fighting them and others showed up or I arrived as they were in combat and being fought be others. Either way, I was able to jump in, do some damage, and get kill credit.

I collect the parts of the Obsidian keys the same way. Either I chip away at lower HP (500-700K) mobs or join others fighting larger mobs.


This is for something coming in 10.0.5 so I assume it’ll be with a tad higher HP and meant to be legion invasion-esque probably with harder elites. Time will tell for me since I ain’t on the PTR. The solo elite mobs comment was a silly reply to the earlier person. I know others MIGHT be around.

content for the raid/dungeon people…

Yes. I realize that and I will probably zone in and do the same thing. By the time 10.0.5 is released, I should get a few more higher ilevel pieces.

Grouping? In an MMO?

Say it ain’t so!

MMO’s aren’t synonymous with grouping up if you haven’t learned by now :rofl:

But keep up with your weirdo takes.

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Nice another time gate and sitting around afk for several hours.

Added XP Bars
Added Bags
Added Micro Button Bar

Sweet, Blizzard is 15% closer to being a viable replacement for Bartender4. /s

I do have to give credit for them to listening on feedback here and improving the Editmode, even if the progress is slow. … just wish they done this years ago.

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A major point of the event is to gear up, so yeah it’s probably expected that most participants aren’t geared well enough to solo. Plus, the elites that are the most difficult are ones that agro in big groups. And yes, the events do have people-- but not always.

The unbelievable tragedy of grouping with other players in an MMO

Absolutely unforgivable

Sweet can’t wait to contend with mobs that have 5 player tag limits and very low density! Gonna be great!



Jesus christ you are literally just looking for reasons to be mad.