New nvidia drivers

Just curious if anyone has downloaded and tested the new nvidia drivers for the texture blinking.

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came to the fourms looking for the same thing. hope someone has an answer

Did not work for me, In fact It seems to be getting worse.

Depends on your card. I am using the latest version on a 10-series card without any flickering issues.

1050ti here, and I’ve been having lots of flashing lights all over everything, was curious if that was ever fixed… hmm, suppose I could update and see if that also fixes the NMS crashes too, which are getting kind of ridiculous lately.

EDIT: I can personally verify that with the Feb 25th drivers (the newest listed on the stable releases), the flickering is still happening with a 1050ti on Windows10-64.

2070 super here and less flickering, but still there.

ever notice streamers never seem to have issues like we do?

Depending on the streaming solution, the recording subsystem may not be affected by the same driver bugs. Or, because they depend on their video for a living, they’ve already done the workarounds discussed in the main thread.

They could even be running AMD GPUs which aren’t suffering this specific driver-related problem.

The January update fixed it for me in about 95% of situations with at GTX 1070.

I had someone tell me in-game that if you revert to DX11, that it will fix the problem. I keep forgetting to try it.

I am using a GTX 1060 3GB and just noticed the heavy flickering in Bastion and Spires of Ascension. Just updated to the new drivers earlier this week.

I forgot, I did do this. It did not stop it prior to my driver update but it drastically reduced it.

1660ti and still having texture flickering after the latest update - I did swap from DX12 to DX11 today so hopefully that solves it for the time being but it’s been such a headache all these months. Secondary computer has exact same build as mine also with a 1660ti and has zero texture flickering on DX12.

Running a 1060 laptop card. Flickering has been horrible.
The latest (5-18-21) v466.47 made it significantly worse for me. Rolled back to v461.92 (February I believe), and it’s better, but not gone.
If anyone has a suggestion on which driver version seems to work the best, I’d appreciate it.
At this point I’m ready to throw all nvidia products in the garbage & go exclusively AMD. Ridiculous that with a game with such low-end, low intensity graphics they can’t get it right.

2070 super here and less flickering, but still there.

And see, a card like this should have absolutely NO problems.
rages incoherently

Any luck with switching to DX11?

For those who are unaware, as I was, this is a known issue, with more information here.