New NPC with a disability in Dragonflight! (spoiler)

I saw a WoWhead article about a new NPC we’ll meet in Dragonflight.

I thought this was pretty cool and am glad Blizzard is making strides at diversifying the lineup of NPCs in all manners. I feel characters with disabilities (especially invisible ones) tend to not get that much representation.

While I’m able-bodied I’m really happy to see this and cannot wait to interact with Sansok!

Hopefully there will be many more characters like this in the future.


Inb4 BlIzZaRd iS gOiNg WoKe


Why care? Such a pointless thing. Will they be spotlighting the next random piece of paper on a desk too?


Didnt wod have a blind orc?
This isnt really new for them


Never mind that at the same time people with a Disability are neglected by keeping something like the Slime Cat out of LFR.


I know drek’thar is blind, but he’s old school and from AV.

Maybe I’m not remembering correctly, but I don’t recall a big lore character who is deaf, I don’t even remember a quest NPC. Maybe there are.

Also with a sign language interpreter, I think that’s super cool and new.


Not sure if they have done a deaf character before

My response was to the idea that they are going woke. Because theyve had a prominent character with a different sensory disability before. So this cant be called a new thing for blizzard to include others.

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WoW is full of people with severe handicaps: All demon hunters are blind, and entire orc clan chops it’s hand off, Drek Thar is blind AND crippled, Vol’jin is dead and Mekkatorque is a gnome.


Gnomes are cool!
They just need to change their walking animation to not be a waddle

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All of that was made before derangement syndrome took hold of the populace, so it isn’t special.


Yes, that Orc clan that chopped off their hand replaced it with a blade, totally disabled.

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I don’t care, I feel every little thing that is ‘inclusive’ or ‘diverse’ needs to be celebrated in some way here in the West.


Chop off your hand, get a fully working hand prosthetic and then sit back and enjoy your disability payments/status (at least in the USA). It’s a disability.

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idk tbh the only strange part is the " best hunter "
best hunter = best hunter
best hunter =/= chief.
then again, idk centuar culture.

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Well, until there’s a portal that connects our two planes, they stuck there.

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Sounds beyond amazing.

You know how in doctor who they show the cybermen as a warning about technological advancement?

I hope within my lifetime i can swap out all my body parts with robotic ones.
Robotic joints. Bones of steel.
You could do a marathon no problem


I heard about this NPC in another thread.

That is so cool! :smiley:


At that point would gating ksm mount behind 2k io be a problem? What about aotc mount at that point?


Is this the first deaf NPC? I know Softfoot was mute. And we’ve had a few blind NPC’s.

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ay waoh that’s too far! >:(