New Mage Portal/Teleport

Just wanted to get the community’s opinion. Also i play as a Horde mage, so just flip things I say like Org to SW or whatnot. I was thinking the other day when i was playing my 120 mage that we have a LOT of teleports/portals. and 90% of them don’t get used. Who uses a Portal to Stonard? Not only that, but with the Portal Hub in Org that goes to every expansion, I just don’t feel that the system quite works anymore. Not to mention all the Non-Mage characters out there, have (or should/could) have multiple teleports/hearths at this point in the game. I know as a druid I have the class hall->Dal->Org-> whatever expansion I want, and I have the Dalaran hearthstone, and the regular hearthstone. I never need a mage portal anymore.

So in comes my idea. Where a mage gets to SET a portal/teleport location. Have say… 5? Each Slot would bind both a teleport and a portal slot but then you could pick where you go. Couldn’t bind inside an enemy city or maybe a larger boundary around it. Couldn’t bind inside instances/raids. Keep Org as a permanent one since its the hub anyways. But that would bring back some usefulness to Mages in that particular area.

I could see mages setting portals to good farm spots and selling portal access for a premium knowing people will get there anyways, but you could cut their time drastically so they can get farming. You could set a spot outside of the current Raid your Guild or Progression group is on so you have fast access. Set one outside of special events such as Darkmoon or Brewfest. If 5 is too many, maybe 3. There could be more restrictions that i’m not thinking of so it doesn’t get too abused or whatnot.

Sorry for the wall of text. Tell me what you guys think. I would be curious if someone has a better idea to improve the Teleport/portal aspect of mages.

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I don’t think we should lose the portals we have. I still use all of the means of transportation we have in this game to everywhere. Taking these types of things out of the game is never a good idea.

That sounds like a red flag to me. Something to think about, at least. But I’m not opposed to adding this option alongside of what we already have.

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No thank you. They have removed too many portals, they don’t need to remove more. Also, as a mage, I don’t want to spend my time hanging around Org trying to sell portals. I would rather be doing stuff.

I would like them to return all of the ones they removed from all of the xpac bases and to remove the level restrictions to use them.

One other thing you s

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I would be down with just adding a couple bind-type and keeping our current portals. Your’e right I was just using a couple old ones to farm some legacy raids… so good point there.

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It would seem this is going to be possible with Vulpera, I don’t know about removing portals but the ability to set where you want to go, especially with people rarely using other mage’s portals now sounds fun.

Wish it wasn’t just a fox thing.

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