New M+ Affix to Help Disc with Mana Issues

I’m so done healing for the week. And utilizing the “Appear Offline” button to its fullest, lol.

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I just did an epic pvp game I guess its from draenor, I never did that one before.

Pretty fun did 4.7 million healing lol thats the most I’ve ever done in a battleground :slight_smile:

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Haha didn’t you just say you were doing great this week and now you’re appearing offline lol. This week is a dead week imo. Can’t find anyone wanting to heal and when I try to heal, it’s miserable

The mana return affix was updated so it caps out at 4 procs per minute and doesn’t trigger off of hot ticks. Not sure how it works with atonement tbh. Might only trigger from hard heal casts.

Well, I healed 20 keys (before the very current reset) last week. The first part of the week went relatively well, to be honest. Most groups were not bad at all. Then the last day started out really really bad, with 5 bricked keys in less than an hour. I then finished up and really did not need to heal more.

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