New M+ Affix to Help Disc with Mana Issues

This is great news for Disc priests. Check out this anima power that will appear in M+ in 9.1

Overflowing Chalice

Anima Power


Your healing spells have a chance to generate Loose Mana, which can be collected to restore 10% of your maximum mana.

(Proc chance: 33%, 3s cooldown)

Your healing spells

So…only from Shadowmend or Radiance, it seems.

Seems like it empowers other healers more than disc to deal with bigger pulls, unfortunately. Druids spamming rejuv/regrowth for 20s will proc it twice as often as a priest spamming Rapture/shadowmend for 20s. This may help disc players individually, but it seems like it will lower their overall “marketability” in M+ relative to other healing specs.

I hate to be a downer because it seems like a nice buff, but I’m always afraid of the law of unintended consequences.

There’s also an anima power you can get that makes eating food faster. Don’t be sounding the alarm yet

One thing that I see is that they are giving healers DPS powers. If there is ever a choice between doing more damage or mana regen, you’re going to choose the damage.

So if disc relies on grabbing the mana regeneration powers while other healers are grabbing the damaging ones, they’re going to be inherently weak.

I don’t know if the damage powers will work with atonement but I’d be willing to say they won’t

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I believe the mana powers are only ever grouped with a utility power, I think it’s the move speed increase.

Damage powers come alongside stat increases i think.

So far this affix looks to be pretty well thought out.

When I tried a +10 key on PTR it was spawning orbs all over the place. You were practically tripping over them. I think it’s bugged and not supposed to give -that- much.

You add some sparkles to that or i’m not going.


Saw a video from MadSkillzzTV on that. Looked like it made mana trivial, true to it’s name.

Let’s hope it’s not bugged. Mana burn is such a headache. It totally makes me want to scream sometimes tbh. It’s just ridiculous how bad it is a lot of times. Like this week? I just find affixes like Grievous and Spiteful together to nearly send me into cardiac arrest over and over. I am tired of the stress of taking the brunt of what a lot of affixes mean, how they usually usually fall directly on the shoulders of healers, and how dps and tanks are typically oblivious and have no idea.

Just tired of the dpser moto: “Stand in fire, dps higher!”

Probably will need to be toned back. But it is sure to benefit priests if we get it.

Spiteful is annoying when I get targeted or I heal someone who is targeted, and can’t drink as often. I try to stay separated from mobs to avoid abrupt Spiteful spawns, Psychic Scream and Shining Force are more than enough to keep them at a distance as they creep up.

I hadn’t been paying much attention to retail since months ago in 9.0 when I was playing, but I’d been noticing from the beginning that priest as a class was in the poorest shape I’d ever seen it in. How a pure healer like holy could lag almost every other healer in throughput and how disc could be forced to rely on pure cheese like WoD is pretty sad for the class.


I agree blizz needs to know that the plays don’t owe them anything. Blizz needs to make a enticing game with fun classes and specks. They get more FREE feedback than other games cant buy. Yet the ignore us, and expect players play a broken game, with frustrating mechanic’s. LIKE! or else- Ion

By God, even my mana as an Hpriest is taxed this week. I OOM before prides all the time. It’s aggravating.

Holy Priest can heal through a lot, and they have mana for days, but not this week apparently.

I think people are running on the protocol from the last Fort week.

If the dps isn’t there, then you have to speed up the pulls and hope the healer can hang in there.

Did an SD where prides took forever, and people always died. Then it dawned on me. Nobody used their defensives except me and the tank, and one of the DPS was doing 3k with cooldowns

Yeah. Anyone doing 3k dps is forcing you into a bad spot.

I blame myself for not timing the 16, too. I didn’t output enough healing (maintaining ~3.4k the whole dungeon), and I was bad at avoiding mechanics. I guess that’s what I get for going 3 key levels above what I’ve done

I’ve found when a dps/tank is failing, then I’ll start failing because I’m trying to catch up.

Yup. You ought to track defensive use with OminCD to be honest. Take this case: You see three dpsers taking a ton of damage. You can only save two of the three of them. One of them can both self-heal and use a defensive. Who do you heal?

But then, the thing is: In a lot of pug groups looking at defensives and such spells as dispels makes me really, really mad. Like at PF, how many could dispel themselves? Like how many paladins and monks hit cleanse toxins and detox? It is a joke really. And at HOA on the second boss, how many even use their dispels on themselves, let alone the guy who could really use it?

Prides are the worst. These guys who insist on moving and then ding you or one in the group so that you die or someone else does, or you even wipe?

I’m not really pushing high keys, So I really don’t care. I’ll heal them enough to get them through the dungeon, the rest is up to them if they want to time it or not.

I am so done with this patch. Pride isn’t fun, and Grievous isn’t either, but I’ll try for KSM anyway.