New loot chest info for Shadowlands

There are 9 different windows to complete basically.

Kill 3 raid bosses
Kill 7 raid bosses
Kill 10 raid bosses

Complete 1 Mythic Dungeon
Complete 5 Mythic Dungeons
Complete 15 Mythic Dungeons

Gain 100 conquest
Gain 150 Conquest
Gain 250 Conquest

Effectively, each part of that you fill results in 1 option to choose from in your new weekly chest.

If you gain 250 conquest, you get 3 choices. If you gain 250 conquest, and complete a Mythic dungeon, and do 7 raid bosses, you get 6 choices.

This caps at 9 total options.


Can’t wait for 250 conquest to require you to win 250 games


Curious how they do the rewards like if i just spam 14 m0s and then do a 15 or w.e highest key what my rewards will still be.

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You can only do each M0 once a week for loot

Mythic+ item level is determined by the lowest level of the top X dungeons.

means apparently you get loot based on the lowest dungeon in that bracket like

i could be wrong, but it seems like
if your first key in the 0/1 bracket is a 15 you got a 475 option

then in the 0/5 bracket if you do 4 15s then help a friend with a 12 your second option is now a 465 piece because of those 5 12 is your lowest

i have no idea but thats the way it sounds
seems kinda cooked


Yup all sounds sketchy i will most likely continue my pvp cap and 1x m+ a week in slands then ofc…

Ah yes, but vendors were too confusing for BfA.


can you link the source? I have a lot of question marks about this that are probably clarified there

my initial assumption was that you have 3 tiers each week, and you can choose to complete the tier however you want, but you get only 1 piece of gear per tier even if you completed, say, 3 bosses, 1 m+ and 100 conquest

I very much doubt that you can get 9 pieces of gear each week, 3 seems more reasonable

I also assume the progression is cumulative (so 15 m+ for all 3 tiers, and not 1+5+15=21)

and I wonder if all choices are from the same pool of gear, or if a pvp tier would give you only choice between gladiator pieces (which would pigeonhole you still into certain content, even though the system is created to avoid exactly that

overall I like the concept, it needs some more fine tuning though

I didn’t go to school for this


Maybe im just hoping this isnt true, but are you saying that you have to run 15 mythic dungeons to get 3 items in your chest, or are you saying completing a mythic+ 15 will give you 3 items from your chest.

This doesn’t really make sense tho, each tier has 3 slots right? So if I only M+, and complete the 3rd tier, it would end up giving me 3 options in my box, otherwise if it just gives one, its as scuffed as the current system.

You can only CHOOSE 1 item, but I’m pretty sure if you play the max, you get more than 3 options.

15 dungeons chief.

That’s like, 9-10 hours of work a week. Time played metric still going strong, I see.


oh that makes much more sense, I thought each box would give you another choice in a predefined pool of options

idk why I thought that

but now the system sounds meh to me
I like my concept a lot more, but I guess i dont work for blizzard for a reason :upside_down_face:

pvpers also get shafted btw, mythic ilvl loot gonna be higher than 2k loot which is usually the cap and in some cases above the cap for 99.99% of pvpers that first week


apparently there’s not going to be two separate chests for PvE and PvP, just one shared chest

so assuming PvP gear is decent you can choose to just cap for the week instead of the pressure of having to cap AND run a dungeon each week

it’s a better chest system than BfA

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That’s a big assumption :joy: que the drest, bikes and tank trinkets all expansion long.

The 1-9 items in the box is just expanding your options to choose from. You only get to take 1 item each week from the box, so the more content you do the more chances you get at rolling a “BiS” piece.


yeah that’s a given

i’m just saying in order to meet the requirement for the “big” chest each week you can get 3 choices just by capping conquest

Yeah this was my understanding… Which I don’t hate.

You get 3 PvP choices though? Which are going to be sub par ilvl and effect? I still think it’s going to feel kinda unrewarding for PvP…

We will see though. All around it does sound better than bfa, just not as much better as I’d like lol…

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Love working coming home and working in my favorite game. Life is good