New Level 60 Character Boost Announced

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Act now, folks! Skip leveling and learning how to play your job properly and jump right into endgame activities with people!

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This isn’t FFXIV lol

My only complaint is they usually do this at the end of an expansion so whatever… but 9.2 isnt even out and we are supposed to get a 9.3 as well…?

What renown do you start at and how far along are you? Do you have covenants unlocked (if used on a completely new account)?

I mean, isn’t it obvious that 9.2 is the final patch, with the Jailer being the raid boss?

I’ve not had my coffee yet but I’m not seeing in there where he said it was ff14?

“Job” is FFXIV’s name for “class.” Just a playful jab.

“Jobs” are classes in FFXIV

I feel like them saying we have to fight “anduin” first implies anduin was the last boss not Zoval.

anduin is the 8th boss

I’m almost positive they said this was the final chapter of the expansion. “A drama in three parts.” 9.0, 9.1, 9.2. Done

where is the link?

The new raid consists of 11 bosses, and Anduin appears as the 8th named character. During the first open week of the raid, you will face up to Anduin. This part was intentionally planned and allowed us to take a closer look at Anduin’s story before the final showdown. You can learn a lot from this story.

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Thank you thank you!

All i asked.

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I don’t like it to be frank, level boosts are ultimately poison for the game in my opinion. It’s more of the same, squeezing whatever they can out of World of Warcraft until there’s no juice left.

Seriously? Boost but no conduit energy? $ rules the world

$60 to skip the leveling process, get a set of worthless greens(likely less ilvl than a normal dungeon but slightly higher than leveling greens), no renown, no conduits, no leggo, no campaign skips…

It’s ok, im a good player so i can learn really fast with no issue.