New Legos for Season 4

Hopefully not, I god damn hate the whole buying a “legendary”(using the term loosely here because there’s nothing legendary about them).


Technically they are disposable legos. Need to buy a new one each Season.


The power of the legendary was never really in it’s ilvl, it was the effect. Even if we didn’t see a new ilvl version in season four we would still be using them anyways.

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I doubt that there will be anew rank. It will be interesting to see how it effects mat prices. I am hoping for some more vendor shuffles coming back.

Well the biggest change to mat prices will be region wide AH for commodities.

Large pop servers this won’t mean a thing.

Small pop servers will see materials prices drop.

Also it will be the biggest gift to botters blizzard could have ever done. Imagine Bots that were stuck selling resources on a single server now have access to the entire region of buyers.

NOOOOOO, too much gold. Good riddense to gold = player power!


There is an ilvl boost when season 4 starts so I’m guessing there will be ilvl boost for the lego. But haven’t really been announced

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I could check on ptr and wowhead database but that’s just too much work.

Is no one else concerned about this?

Isn’t it like in 2 weeks?

What happened to “communication”?

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I do hope they cut the price on vendor materials. For example…

On BS legos vendor mats make up 50 of the crafting cost.

On JC legos they make up to 40% of the crafting cost

On tailoring they make up 35%+ of the cost
And LW is close to tailoring.

Just place Orboreal Shards down to 20g each and price Pnumbra Thread and Luminous Flux down to like 2g each.

They will have to reduce the vendor sell price of crafted items to prevent vendor shuffles.

There’s a blue post stating leggos are not going up in ilvl for s4


700 mount achieve reward please.

Call it “now witness the power…”

Cant have vendor shuffles lol.

The new ah in .7 will crater the few realms that have viable shuffles anyways by bringing all mats to all servers making the mats for everything rise on high/full servers. Then couple in a few goblins now being able to control the entire games market, its going to be a trai wreck.

I think to control an entire market would require several gold caps to do it.

Maybe a trade guild or cartel now…

It that’s also a huge risk buying out an entire region.

But I think this is the largest gift to botters. Bots will no longer be stuck selling to a serve, but instead got a whole region as a customer

You are thinking too linerarly, not like a goblin.

So currently theres serveral bots that are months old that do this on many realms, but in a few weeks it will only be one bot and one account at risk… that blizz will ban after 4 or 5 months, but the strategy is simple.

Take a material with a high turnover rate, then put 1 item up for half that price, buy everything listed on it. Now the bots put down 1 item every 20s whether theres already one of their items there or not, but a person can easily do this.

How it works is simple. You buy up the middle of an item… say if the market trades at 1.50, you buy everything from 1.40 to 1.65, then you stack everything at 1.75, and list at 1 gold.

People dont check very often qnd just tend to dump materials on the lowest price, this being not one server but the entire region this will be thousands of units a minute.

So then you list at the higher price… you control downward pressure by buying all the casual listers, your materials is at almost 2x so the big buyers make you big profit, and you can control the market for a while before volume crushes down. By then you have made so much gold you start dumping the market yourself by walking the price down in 5s intervals, wait for supply to lessen then before the weekend you setup again and go again.

The bots that do this do it much faster than a person will, which means they will be making millions inflating economies in the new ah… but none of it is difficult. You get so much on the bottom end at such a discount it doesnt even matter if the price is pushed down by volume from 1.75 to like 1.60, you are still making bank, market median being 1.50 if you get some wannabe that tries to dump the market you just buy anything under 1.40 and you are prettymuch guarenteed return.

Key is volume, has to be a high volume materials market. Even the most high pop servers in the game often have only 100-200k materials total on any given day. The reality is though your start up capital is the first 200 units you list cheap at 1g (theoretical) a unit, and the capital to buy qnd relist all the material listed on that. You could probably get started with under 80k and double it in no time.

I wish we had new ones. I made so much money on ah by price gouging at the start of each season

291ilvl legendaries should just get automatically upgraded to whatever new ilvl would be the equivalent of that in S4.

High volume speculation.

If I was a major guild with 100+ million that might be interesting to dip one’s toes in.

Since it’s so close to the end of the expac it feels high risk/reward scenario.

Never mind your right. I’ll risk a few hundred k and see.

Meh theres some materials that have a hard floor that wont drop out until the big gold nerf in pre patch.

The big thing is the bots will be insanely powerful now.

They didnt think it through really.

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