New Item to Mitigate Stygia Loss in the Maw

Pretty much every one of my deaths in the maw this week has been due to a huge lag spike when Morgeth gets pulled (and also one or 2 where I was an idiot). To your second point, we’ve removed all the other annoying maw stuff but left this in, but only in the og maw.

I think a zone or area can be brutally hard without being insanely punishing. Really hard can be fun, but not if the fail state means you don’t really want to get into the punishing elements.




How are you guys still dying in the maw after the eye of the jailor is removed?

Also, go pick it up if you die.


Why an item? Just implement it, so it won’t be more annoying than it already is.


How about we just don’t lose any Stygia anymore? No gimmicks, just remove the “feature” out of the game without needing some item to do it for us?

Especially annoying when you’re trying to explore with gliders and automatically dying because you flew into a “no go zone” even though you would’ve landed safely otherwise.


The “reward” being a pointless, annoying mechanic remaining in the game and still being pointless, just slightly less annoying.



General Discussion: “Zones are too easy, the world should feel more dangerous! And there should be challenging solo content!”

Also General Discussion: “OMG I’m dying make it stop!”



Dying because of poor server quality and disconnect/desynch bugs is challenging content now?
How far can we move the goalpost before it wraps around to a negative integer?


Never had a single problem with DC’s or desyncs in the Maw. /shrug

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You already know its not :joy:

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This entire expansion just seems like one gigantic afterthought.


Imagine caring about losing stygia in 9.1.


All the players on the forums cheer and scream in joy

No more stygia loss!

I wrote Blizzard about this, but I expecting for it to be removed, not just 75% and with an item you need reputation to buy and it’s not accountbound. Bizzard expect we farm stygia to buy the mogs, mounts and pets from the Death Advance vendor, but make us lose it by playing the game. I’ve never understand why this mechanic existed in the first place, and less I understand why it still exists.


Laughs in dark souls veteran


Lucky you. People have been killed just using the Maw riders mounts, disconnected from the npc tossing you during venthyr assault and the massive Lag breaking the Mor’geth fight making his death cone hit even when visually he isn’t spinning. Also plenty of other issues with bodies vanishing or just not being able to recover stygia from your body.
If they had quality control and servers that could handle people fighting the world boss, losing stygia would still be annoying, but with how bad everything works on the server side it’s just unfair to players.


That’s true. I’m sitting on 25k Stygia right now.

So if I died that would be a huge loss.

But I really wouldn’t care.

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I’ve heard about this but I’ve also never had any lag during Mor’geth…

Also, just FYI you don’t lose Stygia when you die. Only if you release.

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Same when I’m on a DK, except I occasionally suffer from OOTS (Overly Optimistic Tank Syndrome) and get myself in trouble.

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This please.