New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

Us claiming it doesn’t is us using logic to understand how it can be bypassed. Blizzard seems to be ignoring those ways to bypass it and we want their view on how they think it is preventing bot issues even with the loopholes we are pointing out.

Part of our complaints is lack of communication.


They uh, didn’t actually say that though, they just shared intent and said “Hey if we make this change, we can keep the intent the same and hurt less actual players.”

Per character now, which is far less restrictive.

It’s a step in the right direction.

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Do you have enough level 60’s you can and want to hit 30 runs per day on? To hit the original 120 runs per day assuming 5 runs per hour?

Why would 120 matter?

Any number over 30 is now available as well. We’re not bots, as you say. Why does only the maximum possible number matter?

Personally, I’ll probably be good on my most hardcore days with only 60. Which I can do now. The cap no longer effectively exists for me.

I mean they don’t have to be 60s and low level dungeon rarefishing is going to be a lot easier now. We have 300/day since the 5/hr is now also character specific. You can fish on one toon and then hop to the next and try again until you get it.

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So far theyve eased the restrictions twice, you know what step comes next Ziryus?

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I doubt they’re ignoring it. They do not need to cater to the no-lifers, which is probably why they’re not reverting the change.

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So far in less than 2 weeks theyve eased the restriction twice with the next step being only lifting the 30 per day completely. Theyre heading towards reverting it more than theyre showing signs of not reverting it.

You admitting you’re wrong about them removing the restriction?


Per character now; as of the last hotfix.

It’s a small victory in a battle we shouldn’t have had to fight.

So far Blizzard has made it harder for you to argue your agenda twice now lol, youre batting 0/2

We will see if your partner who claims the restriction wasnt only targetting bots specifically is brave enough to come in here


Lol, I’ve said I was okay with changes to it since it was released. You were the one making blanket statements it would be reverted.

So you ready to admit you were wrong yet?

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So far in less than two weeks its headed in the direction of being reverted. Im not claiming victory yet but momentum is very much on the side of those against the restriction

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It’s been more than 2 weeks and it’s not reverted, so you seem to be wrong.

And keep in mind this change does little for most of the people actually complaining about it, everyone trying to that rare drop or MCP farming or fishing for Jed ID’s nope doesn’t help them. People selling boosts have to level more mages to do so.


2 weeks since the last restriction change

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We’ve tried several times to explain the concept of time to these folks. You’re talking to a brick wall.

And? that’s not really relevant to your original claim of when it would be reverted.

Correct, i was wrong about when itd be reverted but its going in the right direction

/shrug you’re welcome to keep thinking that.

None of the changes have addressed the issues people are complaining about as I explained.