New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

IIRC, Zakiri did not play during vanilla.

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I do find it weird when people opposed to this change ask you to post on your classic account not your vanilla account.

Blizzard has explained why they choose to be vague on certain things, solely due to players lawyering the hell out of things when they get specific.


Skifell: What behavior do you imagine the 30 cap is attempting to curb?

Please cite where they said that the 30 cap is specifically to find botters.

Did it ever occur to the complainers that there was a reason this thread is separate from the other thread?

Oh, hey. Here’s some proof that Blizzard isn’t talking about running dungeons when they say “exploiting.”


I always wondered how it felt for those Rift players to watch their developers slowly kill a great game by being lazy, greedy, and not communicating with their communities. I imagine it feels alot like this…


Now that Blizz has posted again about the types of players they removed for exploiting- and made zero mention of removing any players that did over 30 dungeons per day- it’s completely conclusive that doing 31+ dungeons a day is not an exploit.

If the white knights have any proof Blizz has taken action specifically at players for running 31+ dungeons, by all means link the source.


It’s simple. Regular players tend to only play on a single realm that they’re invested in because they have no reason to play on multiple ones- it’s after all a major investment to level, gear and get money, then be part of a guild and do things like rank/raid on one server.

Bots though don’t care if they make $100/day on a single server, or $25/server/day on 4 servers. It’s literally the same to them- so having the cap be 30/day for normal players reduces the amount of farming normal players can do, while the cap is still 120/day for bots, letting them farm just as much but now that regular players are considerably stifled in how much they can farm, bots can have a greater market share.

This change is specifically aimed at making players have to rely more heavily on bots- either for botted items, or for the real money gold purchases.

That’s Blizzard’s aim, to make botting far more lucrative at the expense of players.

After all, once botting is bad enough it’s extremely easy to get tokens in, which puts gold selling in Blizz’s pocket- you can already see the threads asking for tokens popping up.

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Did the post make any mention of that video whatsoever? No. Putting that aside, there were multiple issues exposed by that video:

  1. Ironically, the key issue, which everyone seems to ignore, is that the maker of the video handed 20 gold to that bot. Want to eliminate bots? That’s the #1 place to start. Quit handing them your gold and/or RL money.
  2. Fly hacking. I’m sure Blizzard is going to address this at some point, but the fix for this is likely more complex than a simple instance cap.
  3. These bots are running 24/7, and that’s how they make they’re able to crank out so much money.

The instance cap targets the third issue. Just because it doesn’t address the other two at the same time doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to happen.

The article was talking about exploiters who were removed. They no longer have to remove the 30+ instances a day exploiter because they made that exploit impossible. Still, I love the logic you gave, which boils down to:

They called out a specific exploit, so they will never call out anything else as an exploit ever again.

I’m willing to bet that you missed the question on the SAT that went:

Dogs are animals
Cats are animals
True or false:
All dogs are cats

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I will let you all know when they ban me for that 35+ dungeon day I posted about earlier. Or I won’t because that’s not activity they’re looking for and they don’t care.

Swing and a miss dude, bots still run 24/7.

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Since you didn’t get a you cannot entire more instances message or intentionally break the limit on your end why would they?

Why is it that you and many others sit here calling Blizzard liars every time they post something but the moment they post something that supports your belief, it’s:


Kind of hard to run 24/7 when you’re limited to 6 hours a day. You’re going to claim that they just run 4 times as many accounts, but that costs them four times as much. You’re going to reply that they just use more VMs and/or stolen accounts, but there are also costs associated with those, including resources, time, as well as money. Keep dancing in circles, though.

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Running 6hrs per server is still 24/7, farming in the world 18 hours a day is still 24/7.

They don’t need more accounts to run 24/7.


You think they weren’t already running on all the servers? Are you not acquainted with the concept of market saturation? There’s only so much that they can sell on each server. This change makes it take four times longer to saturate the market. Your fantasy scenario where they just move to other servers is just that. They were already operating on those other servers.

So you’re saying they already have enough accounts to run on all the servers, but you’re also saying they need more accounts to be able to rotate?

You can’t argue both ways.



No. I’m saying that they need four times as many accounts to farm the same amount on a single server.

I don’t know where you got the idea that I said they needed more accounts to rotate. I said that rotating was pointless because they already had presences across all the servers.

They either need to use 4 times as many accounts to run on the same server or use 4 times as many servers per accounts.

Either way adds overhead and complexity.

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