New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

To 5 per hour, yes we’re aware of what was in Vanilla, a 5/hour limit. 30/day has never been a limit to running dungeons, and it definitely wasn’t in Vanilla.


If anyone was wondering, it looks like the server shutdown for tuesday will reset your count.

But people aren’t “running dungeons” they are spamming resets and only doing specific bosses or farming specific areas. This is apparently, according to Blizzard, and I agree, an explotive behavior practiced by almost all bots and a very small percentage of players. Did people do this in Vanilla? Maybe, although I never knew anyone that did 30 dungeons a day back then. Now in Classic it has become a common behavior by bots and some players.

And that limit should have been a real clear indication that they don’t want people endlessly spamming dungeons.

Are you saying that not full clearing is exploiting then? Or is clearing too fast the exploit?

It’s not “accoding to Blizzard” an exploit. No where has blizzard said doing dungeons on reset is an exploit.


Literally the first thing said is…

Clearly they say an exploit is CHEATING. Fly hacking, speed hacking, clipping, automated gameplay etc…doing a lot of dungeons per day is not and to say otherwise is ridiculous.


The extreme spamming of resets, say for Jed farming, would seem to me to be an exploit. Jed is supposed to be a rare and his drops rare as well. Spamming it to the extreme to make the drops readlily accessible seems, at least to me, an exploit. Blizzard gets to define “exploits/explotive behavior” and set the rules. Apparently 30 a day is their limit for non-explotive dungeon spamming.

This is Classic not Vanilla. Behaviors that were rare then are more common now since everyone knows all the glitches/strategies/etc. now. Expecting “no changes” , espeically for these types of behavior, is, IMO, unrealistic. There have already been changes, and I’m sure there will be more. Just as there were on private servers.

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You’ll need to source that being an exploit.

And you’re definitely going to need a source for that one, since Blizz has never said that, and if that’s how they feel they’ve let 15 years of doing exactly that by people going for mounts/pets by spamming old content go by without saying a thing.

Yes, constantly.

It takes a mere 6 hours to do so- you play a few hours friday evening, a few more Saturday morning and even casuals that work all week can easily hit that.

Are you really trying to argue that players in Vanilla didn’t play the game excessively? The game that became the poster child for players no lifing, to the point where South Park did an episode about it.

Or are you trying to argue that players didn’t stick to doing just one thing, such as dungeon running? A simple look at the 18+ hour a day grind for rankers in pvp should more than prove that Vanilla players absolutely spent massive amounts of time doing the exact same thing.

And this wasn’t in spite of Blizz’s attempts to limit play during Vanilla, this was because of Blizz’s design that forced players to not only play up to 3x or more longer than the current dungeon limit in a day- but to do so every day for months.

Are you really going to try to say that you don’t think players ran dungeons a mere third of the time that pvpers spammed BGs back in Vanilla?

5/hour, that’s what it indicated, for 15 years. 15 years in which farming dungeons for specific drops, like the Baron’s mount for example, became normal. 15 years in which farming dungeons for excessive amounts of time on a daily basis became commonplace and Blizz said nothing at all.


If not clearing them is an exploit, progression raiding is going to be really difficult moving forward.

Of course maybe speed clearing is? Oh wait, you can legit do DME minus the imp in about 15 minutes or less, so how…

Oh yea, they just don’t like that other players play more/differently than they do. Or are better players, so it’s obviously an exploit…


Blizzard has clearly said what exploiting is to them…the ability to right click - reset to check for Jed is not an exploit. It’s using a system in game in a legitimate way. Clearly you don’t like that people do Jed runs for some reason. But to pretend that’s the official stance from Blizzard is asinine.

If they want to expand what their definition of “exploitative behavior” is then Blizzard needs to say it and stop dodging this thread.


And if this was just people farming for cosmetic items particularly bop ones I doubt we would have seen this change.

Raids have a much harsher lockout than 30 runs per day :slight_smile:

Because it’s not an exploit, Blizz has never said its an exploit, it wasn’t an exploit in Vanilla, it’s not even an exploit in retail- and if it is now suddenly considered an exploit Blizz should say it rather than hide behind lies and the white knights willing to lie for them.

Yeah, it shakes the very core of the game to make those claims.

You can make the case for like rare fishing I guess, but there are more targeted changes that don’t hit normal gameplay for that (Lock resets until atleast 1 ‘boss’ has been killed.)

And if you weren’t intended to be able to ‘check’ the instance, why is mind vision allowed?

You knew the spirit of the 5 runs per hour was to prevent dungeon reset spam. You want to argue that it’s okay to break the spirit of that as long as you obey the letter. Well blizzard called you on it, too bad.


I, and others in this thread, read that as the changes address two distinct issues, exploitive gameplay and automated gameplay. If you disagree, fine, ask Blizzard for clarification.

You claim that this type of behavior was “common” in Vanilla, but you have no statistcs so you are merely citing anecdotal evidence from your own experience. I cited my own experience that I never met anyone that did 30 dungeons a day and I’ve been playing since January 2005. Since I was a healer and constantly in demand for instances I find it strange that I was never even aware of anyone doing as you claim. Could they? Of course, but I don’t believe it is as common as you state.

No, you’re assuming that.

YOU need to get clarification.

WE know that this is not to be the case from FIFTEEN YEARS!!! of evidence to the contrary.

The ‘spirit’ of Vanilla WoW is to do content to an excessive degree, and it always has been. The ranking system is the best example of the spirit of WoW- a system designed not only to force players to play all day, but to make them keep that up for months.

The spirit of Vanilla is excessive play.

Think about that for a moment, what you just said.

And has been proven, it doesn’t address automated gameplay- so already that’s one lie. And if it doesn’t address anything they’ve actually come out and distinctly said is an exploit, that’s two lies- and so again, I’m asking for your source.

Because ‘we feel Blizz means this despite literally no official statement’ is not a source, it’s the opposite of a source- it’s you making up reasons that you think Blizz might have.

Are you being this dense on purpose? You have got to be trolling. That’s exactly what I’m saying- they need to clarify that something is an exploit if they want it to be considered an exploit, and until they do so- well, there’s thousands of posts asking for just that, clarification or a real reason for why they’re doing this.

Nice strawman, 40 person raids are exempt from the change and you can do 30 dungeons a day. Constantly spaming resets to make rare items common seems to me, explotive gameplay. If Blizzard doesn’t believe this then maybe you have some hope of the change being reverted. Personally I think it, maybe with minor modifications, is here to stay, but then I’m not Blizzard.

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On top of adding the 5 runs per hour in vanilla, blizzard design since then has consistently been to remove the kind of farming that was being abused in classic. Adding heroic dungeon daily locks, simply removing objectives that can be cherry picked, not adding valuable items in low level dungeons etc… things blizzard has actively done to try to avoid this kind of behavior.