New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

I agree. I think they should lower it to 15 a day.

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Already shown how that isn’t true, they just use 4 times the accounts and rotate realms to maintain 100% uptime per realm.

It makes them need 4 times the accounts, but wait there’s more. Bot accounts are usually main from stolen accounts or paid for with stolen credit cards. “Oh but they have to level 4 times the toons” this would be a problem for them if they didn’t also use botting to level.

1 hour after the change there were hundreds of new level 1-5 “players”…

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You’re trying too hard. Please try to be more subtle in your trolling in the future.

youre fkin delusional kid, im leveling a warrior alt right now and have a week off work to do so. but i can only get a couple levels a day due to the instance cap. just because it suits you, doesnt mean it isnt game breaking for other people. go raid log and tell people how the limit is fine some more

If only there was some other way to level besides spamming dungeons.


It’s a wholly ineffective measure against botting, as it does not to stop the actual behavior that is against the EULA: botting.

It limits player behavior, which at best also affects bots, just as nerfing Mages would also affect bots, but nerfing Mages obviously doesn’t do anything about people using software to automate their play.


The argument that this has no impact on bots is silly. Noone is claiming it will 100% kill botting, just that it negatively impacts them. Which it does, even if you don’t understand why.

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When the change directly hurts players ability to play it should be scrutinized.

This change hurts the more hardcore players. It hurts the social players who would run dungeons just to help other people (had a warlock on my realm who would do free rfk runs for lowbees when he was bored, he doesn’t do them any more… After months of seeing him do it. I wonder why…) It hurts the weekend warriors who can only play a few days a week but play a lot for those days. It hurts guilds working together for getting guildies more rare items by making people hesitate to do things like arena runs, help guildies farm NE gear for AQ, exc when they are worried about hitting instance cap. It makes people less likely to run instances on alts for leveling because they want to run instances on their main.

This change effects a lot of people even if the person never hits the 30 cap it makes them more concerned about it and can result in then not doing dungeons to help other people.

If only people could level the way they enjoy, and he never said he was leveling through boosting. As a warrior he very well could be leveling by tanking and “gasp” learning his class.

The number one effect this has on botting is they use 4 times the accounts and thus inflated blizzards subscription numbers.

We have four completed. Another warrior with both bindings who is currently working on his 100 Arcanite Bars. And Three more players in our guild (2 warriors and 1 rogue) with half bindings.

Yes, we are EXTREMELY lucky. Theres no denying that. I practically live in DM E healing for the last 6 months.

Nah - no reason for bots to get more accounts. They have 100% up time on bots regardless. They just need 4 times the number of impossible to spot guildless mages with herbalism and mining in greens to be in instances all day across 4 realms.

The ironic part is after they level their first 60 bot with one account on each realm, they can then use them to automatically (via botting of course) power level the other bots for all their other accounts.

I’m amazed at just how bad Activision brand Kool-Aid is bad for the brain sometimes.

There are 2 options for bots to get back to the same level of instance gold farming prior to fix.

  1. Create 3 additional characters on 3 distinct realms on the same account. Each would play a 6hr rotation.

  2. Purchase 3 additional subs and the bots can run concurrently.

If they chose 1) I’d hope to God Blizz can easily identify the scenario where 1 account is maxing the 30 instance cap on 4 different realms per day…

If they chose 2) It’s an extra $45 for Blizzard/mo and $45 less for the bots.

In either case - I’d assume bots would be leveling primarily through boosting, which is also slowed by the 30 per day limit - hopefully Blizz is able to have some metrics on this too to perhaps catch them as they level.

Considering most bot accounts are made with stolen accounts or credit cards they don’t really pay more per account

Try this one on for size:

  • Try helping your kid get ready for their first semester of college
  • Try spending a couple of hours a day just hanging out with your wife
  • Try spending a couple of hours each evening keeping your job skills relevant in order to maintain job security
  • Try spending an hour a day exercising

You can spend your time how you want, and I’ll spend mine how I want.

That having been said, I fail to see your point. No one is requiring you to do any of the garbage you just posted:

  • Your guild doesn’t need BiS to complete a raid
  • AQ isn’t even out yet
  • Thousands of Tanks hold aggro every day without Thunderfury
  • Casters can do insane DPS with or without the Blade of Eternal Darkness
  • There are Ghost Mushrooms out in the world, too. You don’t need to farm instances for them
  • How much gold do you need? You know, it only spends in the game. You can’t buy housing or food with it IRL.

You’re doing this stuff for fun, but fun shouldn’t come at others’ expense. 30 instances a day is too much, and that’s the bottom line. You’re destabilizing the economy. These items were deliberately designed to be rare, and you’re making them commonplace. Players wonder why Blizzard started giving out “welfare” epics and devaluing flasks/elixirs. This is why. Some people just don’t know when to stop.

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This is hilarious. You know, in a few hours played, you could have manually leveled from 10-20. You didn’t need to shell out gold for that.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. There are these NPCs in the game with exclamation marks above their heads. If you talk to them, they give you these objectives that award experience in quantities far higher than you would ever get from an instance. No one is preventing you from leveling. You’re just too lazy to do the work yourself.

And your account may eventually get banned for that. You’re exactly the reason that this cap is needed.

Blizz is also combating this by giving 4 more bag slots to those who attach authentication to their accounts. This should further limit this type of fraudulent behavior. The needle is moving in the right direction, IMO. I wasn’t expecting a Thanos snap and boom all bots are gone after 1 fix.

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Four times the account costs four times as much to maintain, so it’s eating into their bottom line. Also, not all realms are created equal. Some realms are more profitable than others. Forcing botters to switch from the most lucrative realms to subpar realms for 75% of the time is also going to eat into their profits.

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And then players complain about all these level 60s who didn’t learn their class. The retail crowd complains about players who AFK their way through LFR and Warfronts. This behavior of providing carries for others fosters that environment. I don’t think Blizzard went far enough with this. They really should reduce the XP gained to 0 after going a minute without doing any damage or healing.

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They pay for their accounts with stolen credit cards. So no it doesn’t cost them any more.