New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

i never said was good thing, that is why I said it sucks

AV 1.12

Does blizzard care?

Why wouldn’t you make it a weekly limit instead of daily? I only have one day a week to play, so I try to play as long as I can. I can see myself hitting that cap on some weeks, and the day I have to play for that long is right before raid day. This will absolutely screw people like me who only have one good day a week to play.

Also, how do we track our lockouts? I would hate to be locked from a raid and not know it until raid time.


2.6k responses now, and overwhelmingly majority of them are saying stop this madness!
You have gone too far, and are ignoring the -real- exploit—bots.
Do your damn jobs that our sub price helps pay for and ban the bots!
Stop stomping your boot of oppression on the necks of your player base that are farming legitimately!!
People are speaking, stop being cowards and respond!


Funny how most of the people in support of this play classes that are unaffected…



make you feel any better?


I’m in the same boat when there’s not a pandemic going on. One day to farm between work and maintaining RL relationships. And yes, we definitely need a way to track it solidly.

Imagine raids didn’t start on the same day for everybody, and you had no /raidinfo to tell when yours was going to reset? It would be really useful to have something like /lockoutinfo so we can insure we have an instance available for raids.

Or allow people to ignore lockout if they are in a 40 man raid instance and in a raid of 20 or more people.

On an unrelated note, if you could have book 3, or the 30 instance cap removed, which would you take?

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Wow, I didn’t know botters only played on one realm. I would have assumed they would sell gold on as many realms as they could.


Correct me if I am wrong, but did Blizzard not make changes specifically to hamper those abuses? And again, at the end of the day, it’s their game, their house, their rules. If they feel that certain things go against the intended gameplay, it is what it is.

lol IKR, this does nothing to stop bots or RMT farmers… Absolutely nothing. it just hurts legitimate players.

it certainly isn’t an abuse, just gameplay.
Blizzard had infinite chances to fix “safe spots” or anything else they considered to be abusive, they took zero action.

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You mean the handful of accounts with their sock puppets brigading the threads?

Let’s look at the probability of that event occurring.

1*(0.67)^60 = 3.6684969e-11

That’s about 1 in 2.725 billion. Half a dozen people had some pretty dang bad luck this week!

lol, just call everyone puppets, that’s a lazy way of just writing off a bunch of people who are unhappy with this change.

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I honestly feel bad for this guy, really hoping he’s a kid who can still grow out of his ignorance.

I’m so frustrated sitting here with no idea when i can play again. 17 princess Mara runs today which take 5 mins. That is less then an hour and a half of actual gameplay. If this isn’t reverted or somehow compromised with the players I will be unsubbing. This isn’t Classic


Considering it aint an actual change from vanilla i would ask you actually research it before commenting

What isn’t an actual change from vanilla? The daily 30 instance limit per day?

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Someone didn’t understand the April Fools day joke, and that the number provided then was 40 :stuck_out_tongue:


This change kinda sucks, but I can get used to it.

The bots are a much bigger problem.