New Increasing Cooldown for Changing Layers


And your proof is…?


It’s pretty funny you made a post saying layer hopping was totally not being abused and that everyone claiming to have lots of Black Lotus or epic mount already were just lying.

And then you go and make this change, just confirming the initial claims were in fact true and needed to be fixed.


I don’t think you understood what I was saying.


I can vouch for him. His method was working until Blizz did their patch on Sunday. It also seems like Blizz reduced the amount of layers as well because I’m seeing a lot more people running around. Before this, it got real lonely when I was questing by myself in Tanaris and Feralas on a high pop server (Whitemane). Sunday and Monday I noticed a lot more people in Un’goro / Felwood and actually got to group with some of them to finish some kill quests.


wow be careful everyone theres a butthurt army on here who seems tobe easyly offended when people dont agree with them. so again i will repost lets see how long it takes to be taken down

are you serious?
its not about making this in minutes. turn the timer into HOURS and no grouping with other players from another “layers” should cancel that timer. no one is going to care if you just use semantic to alter a rule set that can be by passed.
i was even offered golds to group with other peopel in other layers to cancel their timers.

the devs at blizzard at just failing more and more at this.

for once blizzard could gain some interesting insights on “instancing” a map by looking at what SE did for final fantasy 14. they added “instanced maps” that you can jump from from “fly point” aka aetheryte crystals and players can jump from one “instanced map or layer” to another by going from where they are to the fly point and selecting a new instance. usually takes a few minutes of running.

i wonder how long it will take until the butt hurt army flags this post.


They need to do this in Retail too!

(Ruckainc) #177

Well duuurrrr. This is a bandaid and not a fix. As i predicted, layering was a disaster. This is akin to kissing a booboo when the leg is amputated.


When is Phase 2??? I am tired of layering in general. Just make it go away already and not make us wait till Phase 2!!!


Maybe its just me, and Im a tiny minority but: I am happy with the work and interaction Blizzard is doing with classic. Sure, there are abuses. There will be in any game as long as humans are involved.

However, as a long time original Vanilla player from early early on, Im very happy to have Classic and am excited by the possibiity of new adventures in Classic we did not have via the original Vanilla.

My thanks to Blizzard for making this happen.



So what’s a layer? Did you have layers in classic? Are layers going to make the game feel like it’s not vanilla?


I realize that your post was mainly sarcasm…but even without the advent of layering paladins were able to just bubble and hearth to avoid PVP deaths, so that’s not the best example of a class to use in that scenario :joy:


Bit too late, economy is ruined by all the exploiters.


And… This is still being MASSIVELY exploited.


look up layering in wow classic


There is a reason why there are primarily alliance & horde on particular layers. Tired of getting ganked? Swap layers. This ruins one of the greatest interaction that WoW had. Constant wars over territory.


Can we get a cooldown / timer layout? I’m a BM Hunter, and cant successfully time rare spawns because of layering / sharding. Thx


What was the point of your Beta test since all of these game breaking exploits made it to live and many were reported during Beta?

It’s like Blizzard has tried it’s best to turn Classic into a turd and is now trying to polish it.


This crap should’ve been removed a week after release.
Nothing about layering says classic experience.


So apparently some people have been exploiting layering and killing Baron Rivendare and Ragnaros several times in one sitting? Any updates on fixes for this problem?


“Now, each time a player moves to a new layer, there will be an increasing amount of time before that player can move to another layer. If a player moves between layers multiple times over a short timeframe, the cooldown can increase to a duration of several minutes (or longer) before they can change layers again. The cooldown will then decrease over time for players who don’t change layers.”

So first time you jump to a new layer there is no cooldown and it increases each time you swap. Does this mean blizzard is ok with groups layer switching at the end of the instance to kill the last boss twice. Blizzard can you please comment if this is now an exploit or not.

Hoping it is in fact an exploit and players can be banned for this. Please clarify.