New Increasing Cooldown for Changing Layers


Yes, as a level 33 rogue I’ve clearly been exploiting layering to get ahead.

I understand that it’s not permanent but while it’s here it should be designed to be as least disruptive as possible. It should be invisible. Yes, obviously part of equation is stopping people from jumping between layers but the other very important part is allowing people to interact and play with everyone in their community.

The second I have to say “be with your guys in a sec, just waiting on my layer cooldown” then it’s no longer invisible.

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It wouldn’t work like that at all. It should increase non-linearly. So ex first one no cd, and if you don’t jump again within a minute it doesn’t go up. If you do, the next one will be 30 sec, then a minute, and scaling up.

But as you stay in your layer the cooldown decays. Ex after a couple of minutes it drops to the previous tier. Much like res timer. It really will only hit people explicitly trying to jump around for gains.


“…a duration of several minutes(or longer)…”
Dear lord… you guys ain’t playing around are you. Take it easy…
end sarcasm


supposed to be in phase 2. supposed to be. who knows what they’ll do


I hope you have something in place for those in major cities to keep from getting locked. This could be an issue with trading, offering services such as professions or portals.


By disabling layers, you would not have 3-4x population as it would be restricted to just one instance of a server. It would be just as bad as it is currently, but there would queue times again.


How about you just remove it…


How is it not several minutes to start with?


Why not totally remove it now? If we are talking that few of layers already…just get rid of it.


Put back layers for &(#@'s SAKE, its too early, zones are PACKED and bottlenecking so hard, its not even fun, why would you do something like that? since your patch, leveling is like 3 times as slow, its not even funny. YOUR REALMS ARE OVERPOPULATED, Deal with it. Layers cant be removed RIGHT NOW as the hype is STILL THERE


Too many people.

Can’t quest, everywhere you go your screen is filled with 2 - 6 players, no matter how remote it is. This isn’t classic, I was playing back in 2005 and it’s not even close to what it was.

Part of the problem is that they made servers with population that’s way too big compared to back then. Layering or not layering it will always be an issue as long as the populations are that high.


So let’s lay down how we got here:

1.) Blizzard claims that 90% of the players that roll on classic servers will drop off
2.) Due to this 90% figure, Blizzard implements heavy layering and makes the number of players that can be on a server at once way too high in addition to not making a small number of servers
3.) Layering is heavily abusable so players jump layers to get more chest drops, mining nodes, etc.
4.) Blizzard reduces the layering resulting in every corner or every server being packed, reducing leveling options to grinding mindlessly or spamming instances

This is band-aid after band-aid because Blizzard pulled a number out of their a$$ and predicated their entire operation off it. Re-add the layers and find some other way to make people not abuse the mechanic because it’s pointless to stop some players to chain loot chests if it comes at a massive quality of life hit for the vast majority of your player base.


I’m guessing this is part of recreating the vanilla wow experience. There were constant bugs that needed fixing back then.

“Working as intended.”


i just wanna say thank you, after the server reset / patch a few days ago. the world becoming alive again, i can see other people roaming around, chatting, and doing quest together, just like an MMO supposed to be.

maybe you guys already reducing the number of layer, which is great in my toon level 22-35.


Nope, unfortunately Blizzard changed the /who command after insisting (incorrectly) it could not be used to determine layers:


Each layer is the population of a vanilla server, you’re seeing a ton of people because not everyone is camped in the city anymore since everyone is actually using /4 now.


/5 is the legit one /4 is user made and controlled

Edit: on kirtonos


I should have just said LookingForGroup, the number can change based on when you added them, /4 is LFG for me.


Guarantee this is the cause of everyone currently experiencing Error #132.

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As an enchanter on Bloodsail Buccaneers (very frequent in person trading), I do notice that there are some people that take a while to phase in when I group with them. I’m careful to invite people to group with me as much as possible because legitimately practicing enchanting is very likely to trigger flags for layering abuse.

As a note to anyone analyzing data, please do remember that your local enchanters are meeting up with people in cities all the time to do in person enchanting activity. We aren’t trying to be naughty; we are just trying to lose a lot less money than enchanting only our gear over and over to level our craft.