New Increasing Cooldown for Changing Layers

They already answered this. Yes it is an exploit and it’s because the design of a lockout for dungeons and raids is in place. Using layering to circumvent those limitations is exploiting.

If the posts be real… Blizz is giving them a 30 day ban and removing all loot acquired from it. Sadly not sure they can track down all the transactions and remove the patterns, BoEs, materials, etc.that have flooded the market.

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1 month ban and items removed… welcome to Warcraft

Which had nothing to do with my comment. The context of my comment was in the open world.

why is layering enabled in cities? do you know how annoying it is when you aren’t on the same layer as someone you’re trying to trade with? get rid of layering already, this ain’t classic until it is gone anyways

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I meant to say, Vanilla*
Layering + 1.13 makes it feel like it’s not Vanilla… tbh