New Horde playing looking for Guild


Trying this again…
New Horde player looking for a place to call home.

(Not a new player)

I Main Alliance, don’t plan on giving up on playing them, just looking for a place to call home while i level up a few hordies.

I plan on playing my horde during my down time from the alliance side,
just want a change of scenery and to learn more about the horde is all.

I probably won’t be able to be as active everyday but i can try my best, I just prefer to work my rounds on my alliances first before hopping on to the horde side of things.

I am from Proudmoore Server, Never tried any other servers before.
willing on trying out a new server to anyone who doesn’t mind me not being online 247.

About me:
I am a casual laid back chill player so i am hoping to find a laid back/ casual chill guild for the matter.

Hopen to hear some great offers this round as this is my 3rd time trying up on the forums…