New honor increase gains coming

Fantastic changes! Now unrated pvpers who are considered second class citizens by the game devs can honor cap faster for all that conquest gear they can’t upgrade


That was precisely my thought lol

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It’s mildly insulting that after thousands of posts of feedback that they claim to have read, honor gains is the main thing they got out of it

Of course honor gains are nice and benefit everyone, but my god that doesn’t even come close to scratching the bulk of the issues


Another slap in the face is the only post that get a blue response are about character customization.

The issue isn’t that honor gear is difficult to get.
The issue is that Gladiator geared people are destroying new characters in brackets they really shouldn’t be in.

If I had a kid playing on the 6th grade basketball team in middle school, and he was playing against a team from the local college, I wouldn’t expect the 6th graders to perform well, to have a good time, or to even want to play basketball again after that. This would be terrible game design…

…But this is par for the course in current WoW PVP.

Given the feedback Blizzard has received, year after year after year… it’s really telling that the game still doesn’t have a working PVP system that engages new players and rewards veterans alike.

This is a riddle that most of their competition has already figured out a long time ago…


You think?

I’m not even reading anything. They said pvp gearing in SL would be good and it’s like they made it as bad as they possibly could.


Remember when they tied upgrade ranks with renown? :man_facepalming:

It’s impossible to get a straight answer out of them. Because the honest truth would be that they want to extend play time as much as possible and sell as many tokens as possible. And they won’t tell that truth. So they will always dance around people’s concerns with lawyer speak like Ion does.


Nonetheless, with each passing Season, we’ve heard loud and clear that players think it takes too long to gear up for PvP. As far as we can see, it looks like the best way for us to address that concern immediately would be to add a significant Honor increase (40%) to the Spoils of War buff that is currently in place. So we’re looking into doing that soon.

I feel like using the Renown system would be good here or something akin to the Renown system where there is a difference in Honor gained based on x. Say for example you’ve spent 0 honor this season so you have a 100% honor gain buff then as you gain more honor your buff goes down so you can quickly catchup but not exceed (or maybe match) players who have been playing the whole time.

In wod a new player or alt, no difference, could reach max level and immediately queue for randoms. They could earn enough honor to buy a full set of honor gear in a day or two.

How long will it take a new or returning players to get the renown they need to start doing meaningful PvP under any system that gates it behind renown?

It’s not going to change anything. There’s still gonna be a 60 ilvl difference between a fresh 60 bg’er and a fully upgraded arena master. They still aren’t listening. 1 honor set (non upgradeable) and 1 Conquest set ( non upgradeable) is the solution. Pvp should be about skill progression not gear progression.

bliz loves having a rep grind on every piece of gear

such bad design because it also comes with the requirement to get backwards bad gear until you rep grind it up to where it should be

all in service of grind metrics for the cash shop

wow is killing itself

They are listening. They know exactly what players think. And they think what the overwhelming majority of players want is either bad for the game, or bad for their goals. Which may be to funnel resources to those on top and punish scrubs to inspire them to buy tokens or something.


I didn’t mean for Renown to be used only a catchup system like how Renown works where if you are below some threshold you have an increase to the amount of Honor you gain until you get to a point Blizz decides on.

This is the main issue which still stems from the ridiculous boosting problem in PvP.

I’m barely an 1800 player and I just started pvping in this patch recently, got to 1600 the other day and I’m frequently seeing glads in my bracket lol. Just makes zero sense.

I am glad that the honor gains are being increased though because upgrading a full set of conquest gear just up to the 1600 level requires a crazy amount of honor.

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I think an easy fix would be just to have the gear scale with your ranking in rated pvp content and WPVP, and use a set Ilvl for unrated content.

Wouldn’t that fix basically every problem? (well, many of them)

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Yeah I mean templates lol. I’m all for it but I think Blizz is under the impression that PvP players want a feeling of gear progression throughout the season but like the rating system already satisfies that feeling lol.

This is cool and all, but they can remove PvP gear ranks? There’s no point in an honor increase once you’ve made it to the conquest gear if you’re a casual PvPer.

I think that just makes it clear that Blizz is set on keeping the current system the same for the most part. Just keep applying band-aids to it until the xpac is over lol.

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