New Heirloom Feedback

New Heirlooms are much more engaging. I generally like the changes. Only feedback I could give is that I don’t think the Burst of Knowledge buff should happen right as you level up. Hitting a new level is usually when you’re going to do transitional stuff, like heading back to a city or changing zones. It feels bad to waste the buff but I need to fly from one zone to the other because I finished the quests. Just a thought, anyone else agree?


I wish Burst of Knowledge happened every X kills or something to that effect. A lot of levels traditionally happen at the quest giver; where it’s not fully useful.


Random proc, lower duration, additional kills refresh duration.


A possible fix: Perhaps the buff doesn’t start to tick down until you enter combat, or a potion that goes into your inventory that you can use.

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I agree, it should happen on the next target worth XP or honor. Also think the 2 min buff that refreshes pushes players to chain pull. While that’s fine, the extension to the buff per kill is minor. I think a kill worth xp or honor should add 15 seconds instead of the few seconds it does now.

Edit: The buff timer should only run while “in combat”.

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I wish there was more than 1 set bonus. Why do Heirlooms like Defending Champion or Returning Champion give nothing when they are arguably much more difficult to obtain?

I personally wouldn’t call them much more engaging, maybe as engaging at best. I think this is largely due to issues with Burst of Knowledge, as you go on to say.

As of writing, I’ve only leveled up to level 27 on the PTR. Almost every single level up has happened when I am turning in quests at a hub, and by time I pick up fresh quests and get to their respective location, the buff is generally gone or about to be. It feels extremely disappointing for the only set bonus that is engaging to be largely underutilized.

For the other set bonuses, I haven’t noticed a large difference with the out of combat regeneration. For the rested xp set bonuses, you just need to not play when not rested, which I would consider the polar opposite of engaging.

A side note on the 6 set bonus and BfA leveling, I noticed the rewards that would be azerite gear is a good 25-30 item levels higher than the heirlooms, so, if you had rested xp and wanted to take advantage of the 6 set bonus, you’d need wear weaker gear, until your character is no longer rested. This, of course, could be adjusted with some tuning.

I understand the original heirlooms were a cheap bandage to try to address the much larger issue of leveling taking an eternity. So, for me, as long as the pace of leveling isn’t a dreadful chore, I would much rather Blizzard just make heirlooms fun to have equipped, and not care whether or not it affected xp gains. I dunno, just random procs or something: random increases to character power, random character speed boosts, random minions spawn to help you fight, etc.

TL;DR I don’t really care about xp bonuses as long as I’m having fun, therefore, make having heirlooms fun.


This is a good point. Heirlooms are definitely obsolete in the new leveling world. The only reason they’re around is because people spent a lot of money on them. I’d almost rather them scrap heirlooms and refund them for gold. They’ve done that in the past other currencies and honor.

I feel like “engaging” is the wrong word. I think they have the potential to be, but I really dislike the 2 and 6 set bonuses. They don’t add engagement, and in a way they promote not playing my alts rather than getting excited about a new alt I want to make and jumping right into playing it.

I was pretty ambivalent about losing the EXP bonus, but I had really hoped for some interesting effects, not just “weak bonus exp”.

Hearthstones, flight whistles, or even purely cosmetic procs / effects would have been a cool way for heirlooms to “change up” the leveling experience for a veteran rather than speeding it up.

I’d also really like looms to be boosted back to being blue quality. In leveling all of my alts through Exile’s Reach, the green quest rewards and drops were always better than the loom I had in the same slot.

There should be a better Incentive in general to wear our hard worked for Heirlooms other then a proc and some rested XP bonus.
I can live without the XP bonus but there could be better procs on a longer duration or something like that, it’s not like Heirloom gear is more powerful then what you get for quest rewards or drops in dungeons.

I’ve started WoD content and been replacing some of my Looms gradually.