New Heirloom Effects in Battlegrounds

This is interesting for players that enjoy playing/leveling through lower level instanced PVP. The “Ding” buff (4 pc set bonus) seems to really “Buff” leveling inside BGS, 40% main stat for 2/4 minutes looks like fun.
Rested bonus was a fair exchange.
The new changes look good imo.

I would be surprised if this actually makes it to live servers as it doesn’t make much sense given most dings are at the end of dungeons/battlegrounds/in quest hubs so many people won’t get to utilize it.

I would prefer to see an increase in movement speed (mounted and run speed) for 20 minutes each ding, disabled in battlegrounds. I also think the out of combat regeneration shouldn’t apply to battlegrounds either.

Hopefully they look at the bonuses again, because rested XP is not easy to come by right now so can foresee people creating alts, gearing them with heirlooms and logging them out for a week rather than jumping straight in. Perhaps “You now gain rested XP anywhere when you are out of combat” or “You gain rested XP at a 100% increased rate” and buff (6) to be a flat 50% reduction.

talk about ruining leveling bg’s with more players whose goal is to level fast not be competitive. remember when boas had a pvp stat? i do. i did alot of lame jousting to get them too.

Just give me new heirlooms for feet, wrist, belt and hands and remove the unique off the rings and they can keep the buffs.

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