New Guild Recruiting!

New Guild named Obsidian Legion recruiting NEW players and vets! We are a very very new guild still getting our feet wet and would love some help! We’re focusing on recruiting and getting set up right now, but will be doing Raids, PvP, Questing, Dungeons, etc… We are looking for people who are fun and relaxed players, interested in really getting into the community. New people are encouraged to join, as we will help you along and really get you involved! If this sounds like something you like feel free to add one of us
Obsidian Legion
(Darrowmere and windrunner realms)

I am a new player looking for a guild on windrunner I would like to play with other people lol

i am a new player looking for a guild

Feel Free to Add me Devilnation#1457 and i will send you an invite!