New Guild + Community Finder

Why is this dang thing popping up over and over I have already checked it out but ever bloody time I log in it pops up again or I use a portal it pops up again…please fix this…its being just like that you have new PVP Talent flag kept popping up all the time.


Because it was a very poorly thought out and implemented thingy.

Yes, soooooo annoying.

Just like the PVP talent mess…I finally had too get an addon to stop that dang flag coming up every time I logged in.

Hello all! Does the popup still show up if you click on the X to close it? If so, please open up the guild window and click on the X of the lower left popup as well. Once this is done, reload UI.


It is just terrible actually, it took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to check out the guild finder part and what they should have done is clear that thing entirely and make guilds relist themselves and I can’t see they have done that.

Thank you for the response! Is there any way to make your name more Blizzardy-looking so your posts are easier to find?

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Try having a character with two essence slots unlocked but only one essence.

“Hey, you have an unlocked essence slot! You can’t actually do anything about it, but I thought I’d let you know again since you switched continents!”

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It will only pop up once per character. I logged in today and no popups

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This thing pops up as soon as I log on and pops back up IMMEDIATELY after clicking it off. It is constantly blocking 4 of my 5 backpack slots and currently the only way to open those bags is to hit shift-B to open ALL my bags. This is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS. BLIZZARD GET RID OF THIS POPUP THING IT IS HAMPERING MY ABILITY TO PLAY THE GAME! This box is open 100% of the time I am playing. I thank you very, very, very, very much for “adding” this feature (that, as far as I am aware this feature has been here for something like 10 freaking years already) but hey, thanks just the same. Can you just make this g~d d~mned thing go away now please??? PLEASE???