New guild CaF 10/10H Tues/Wed 8-10:30est

New Guild formed in 9.1.5 10/10 heroic looking to build a consistent group of raid members and people looking to do high level Mythics. Raid days are Tue/Wed 8est to 10:30 pm. Looking for DPS to finish out our 20man roster.

I’m interested if you are still looking for an off tank. I’m a raider with mythic experience who just returned from a WoW break. Been raiding since end of Legion

Hello,i am intrested in raiding as well what are you raid days times etc ? I currently have a boomy/resto 236 druid and this toon 228 that I play pretty regularly . Are mythics the only intrest you guild has? I am currently 9/10 heroic on my druid and 10/10 on my warrior.

Still in need of a few dps and a healer

if you are looking for heroic raid experience and interested in doing higher lvl mythics this is the guild for you

great core group of talented players transferring a toon to continue play with these guys. 10/10 would recommend

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could use another healer and DPS or 2. :smiley:

Looking for any role to fill out raiding team we are flexible.

Looking for healer to fill out our core group. But always willing to add great players to the roster.

Interested…Im returning mythic tank. Im around 223 ilvl now, message me. Ballinallday#1940

Caf squad!

Looking for a few more raiders to fill out the team!

Need couple more to fill out our team!

Still looking to expand our roster

In need of 1-2 more range dps to fill out our roster. But always willing to take good players. :smiley:

Looking for a few more DPS to fill out raid spots, we also do plenty of mythics keys

In need of a dps or two to finish off our 20man.

Still looking for to fill a few DPS slots to crush some bosses.

In need of a range dps or two.

have a few open spots for melee and ranged dps for anyone looking for a raiding guild