New Group Finder is Trash Compared to the Old One

I’m convinced blizzard purposely destroys working features to be like “look you wanted rdf and now you’re complaining. We tried to tell you it was a bad idea” when all they had to do was add rdf and keep the old lfg system the way it was so we have options.


I worded part of that wrong, you can list yourself solo in the group finder, but while listed “solo” you cannot see any groups listed and while you have your group listed you cannot see other listings or the “solo” listings either. It used to list you solo for the dungeon or raid and give a list of all the groups and others in the group finder for the specific raid(s) or dungeon(s) that you were listed for along with being able to list for multiple dungeons or raids.

Now you list yourself “solo” and can’t see any other groups and just have to wait for someone to ‘apply’ to your group, not invite you to theirs, and the same for if you have a group listed.

It was so much easier to sort through and find fills and list yourself for and find groups solo with the old tool. New one just takes all that, throws it all into one big pile, takes away some of the old features, and spits in your face.

It probably works like that because its cross-realm now, and I bet the underlying matchmaking service requires you to be in a party. So when you list yourself solo, it puts you in a party of one.

I’m sure more people appreciate the cross-realm aspect of it more than the single queuing aspect.


The RDF portion of it is, but the premade groups part is not. It is even showing groups from the opposite faction on your server that are impossible to join just to clog it up and add more confusion. All raids are lumped into one long list with no sorting whatsoever

Although I have since discovered you can search for a specific raid to show only those, the previous tool was still much more user friendly. There was no reason to switch to an inferior LFG tool with less features and more confusion when all that was needed was the simple addition of the RDF part to the existing LFG.

Instead they imported some shoddy group finder tool along with RDF it to take its place probably because they were already coded together or whatnot and whoever was working on it either didn’t know the differences or didn’t care.


No pvp tab for arenas or bgs is also a major oversight.

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I’ll admit I havent tried joining a cross realm group, but in the premade group finder, I do see people that the tool says are from Benediction.

I’ve seen it say someone is on Horde, but a /who of their name showed they were a night elf. So not sure where that Horde is coming from.

I don’t think it’s cross-server. When I’ve looked at it there are usually only 0-4 total groups in the raid section at any given time on my server. I wish it was cross-server since it would be a lot easier to pug raids if it was.

I don’t think they would do cross-server raiding without changing the raidID system to the more modern boss specific lockout.

It’s supposed to, according to patch notes. Whether or not it works is another thing entirely xD
Maybe you can do cross realm parties for like 5 mans. Maybe you cant do it for raids. But it doesnt give a lot of detail

Oh, interesting. Do people on the big servers see many groups in the group finder list for raids?

I just checked mine and there are only 3 groups, all from my server, one is horde the other two are alliance. Can you actually do cross-faction groups too? You can in retail but I figured they wouldn’t do that in classic.

edit: the custom section is actually full of xserver groups but the raid section seems to be same-server only to me

it doesn’t actually show cross-faction groups. definitely just a bug with the display.

I was lookin at the raid section, at this point it’s probably just easier to go back to following along with LFG chat to see if someone’s posting something you’re lookin’ for, or just post yourself and hope for the best. Definitely should’ve just left the LFG tool as is as far as raids go, while keeping RDF for the actual dungeons, oh well.

How do you mess something up that was working perfectly fine? The usual blizzard quality at work folks.

Job security. Break it so they need you to fix it.

Blizzard’s surgical tools have always been a chainsaw and a sledgehammer.

Staring at the giant filter bar on top that sorts everything by raid

I don’t understand why the removal of features like solo listing was necessary. It only makes the entire process of finding or forming raids worse. Just look at the VOA spam in the LFG channel because you can’t form a raid from the tool now. I can’t imagine how many whispers per minute raid leaders are getting right now.

I acknowledged earlier that you can search for a specific raid, but even still, it is worse than the previous tool in that regard and worse in many other ways as well. Almost a straight downgrade in all features with some just removed outright. Removing the ability to list yourself solo is insane. Returning to the previous group finder tool with just the simple addition of RDF would be a better game experience

For example say I want to find a group for VoA 25m and also look for a group for ICC 10m with maybe some heroics before raid today (Tues).

Old LFG Tool - List yourself for both raids in the tool and get be able to sort and search through groups listed for those specific raids.
New LFG Tool - Can no longer list yourself solo so groups LFM aren’t aware that you are even available or looking.
Can search for those raids specifically, but only one at a time you can’t search for both. Search for VoA 25m N raids, Search for VoA 25m H raids (tool has VoA N and H even though there are no separate difficulties for them), search for ICC 10 man H raids, search for ICC 10m N, repeat.
Start also spamming LFG and trade chat that you are LFG for these raids while watching those chats for groups that are LFM.

It’s the retail premade group finder.

Why can’t we do the RDF with a group such as a tank and heals, and simply have dps join? I tried to do this today and it said we were not eligible, even though the levels listed are within our levels? Tank is 35, heals is 30.

I think it is messed up. Have seen other people complain about it too.

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