NEW GMT 8 (A/H) AOTC/ENTRY Mythic Raid Team <The Wooly Mammoth>. 8:30-11:30pm Perth time

Hey everyone, with the success of our new GMT+8 Mythic raiding team that has achieved 6/9M as a brand new team.

Now, I’m here to advertise a new raid team that we will be creating specifically for Western Australian time UTC/GMT 08:00 hour on Frostmourne. The new raid team will focus on achieving AOTC/Entry Mythic raiding. And perhaps more in the future. The raid time would be 8:30pm-11:30pm Perth time. It will be a 2 night per week raid Thursday and Monday.

The guild I am a part of is called ‘The Wooly Mammoth’ on Frostmourne Alliance. Currently we house 9 raid teams ranging from entry level to CE. All the raid teams(except 1) are AEST and since I moved to Perth recently, there is a new opportunity to create a second raid team based on AWST. Our guild is a jam packed guild with close to 1000 members and we also have m+ teams and optional community raid nights.

The aim for the new team is to start raiding early-mid March. Currently looking for Tanks, Healers and ranged DPS

If you’re interested in joining our second GMT+8 raid team, consider us :slight_smile:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on discord under ‘searseazer’.


Looking for more to join us. Everyone is welcome to apply. Start raiding early march