New gem problems

I have been reading about how the new gems all have seperate effects and different abilities and honestly this just sounds terrible for PvE and even worse for PvP. This is basically just RNG legendaries and borrowed power all over again. Can we skip the eventualities and remove this now from being all the RNG and timegating to make them all avaliable instantly and super minor increases and NOT work in PvP and such and such. This is exactly why you made tier sets less impactful.


Honestly, I thought they learned with how negatively the Shard of Domination system was met. But apparently not, because they’re doing the same thing from what we can see.


So far we know nothing about acquisition and intend.
What is lacking is a blue post explaining something to be expected to be datamined once the PTR starts.


Here you go!

Please feel free to put your feedback in that thread once you’ve tested it out on the 10.0.7 PTR.



I’m confused. Do you want us to talk about stuff in the CC threads or the general thread?

Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of what these forums are for?


I feel a little better they’re designed to be phased out by higher gear in 10.1, but as I said in the GD thread, I’m a bit skeptical because y’all said the same thing about the Mechagon Trinket and a lot of specs were still rocking that in Nyalotha’s patch because of how OP one of the punchcards was in combo with being able to get catered stats.

But if this ring can replace the Cobalt Assembly Ring for me, I’ll be happy - I still haven’t found a ring that sims higher than the Cobalt Ring for me. X_X

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Since the gems can be exchanged and modified by other players:
Do we have to reserve a dozen inventory slots for all of them?