New Fresh Start Realms with Wrath Classic

Less than 1 week from launch and they still haven’t bothered to say how many realms there will be, what type they will be, and where they will be. Even if they don’t want to release names yet, there’s no reason why this other information can’t be shared. It is, as usual, disgusting how little they care about their customers. I don’t plan to play on the new realms btw, but it must be said.

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What are the new servers? When will they be available for name reservation?
I mean seriously guys we have communities that need to organize before pre patch on Tuesday…where are the servers and or at least their names for crying out loud


Got a small group going fresh and the primary question is this right here. Get off work at differing times, different time zones etc yet no way to properly coordinate our destination because blizzard keeping it all too close to the chest. They could at least release server information even if they don’t want to let us do name reservations


I’m starting to think there will be no name reservations (in which case I still think they should announce fresh server names). I can’t imagine how bad Tuesday is going to be if we have to wait for maintenance to be done to rush to create our characters with the name we want all while it gets extended multiple times and maybe even in the last extension they do it ends earlier than launcher says so people end up missing out on getting their names.

100% agree. It’s going to be a cluster already anyways why make it even worse by not releasing this information and/or allowing name reservations.

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going to reference this here as there is a small piece of fresh server information at the tail end of the post:

FYI for anyone still getting notifications for this post: New Fresh Start Realm Available with Pre-expansion Patch - #164 by Axxi-faerlina

Blizzard hates the Oceanic region.
Nobody faces as much discrimination than our region. I see people on the internet crying about racism all the time, they should see how Blizzard treat their customers in the oceanic region, they don’t even give them the time to even disclose that they’re giving them nothing. They just give them nothing & expect them to pay to play on a laggy offshore server instead.

Blizzard are going down hill, everyone knows it’s happening, it’s been on a non-stop train down a huge hill & they are incapable of turning it around. Diablo 4 will fail, the new retail expansion will fail & WoTLK will quickly die. The oceanic region has already had it die. Nice work.

Maybe they can add in a few extra genders & remove white skin from Dwarves, Humans & gnomes next


Yes Blizzard, we were also excited about wotlk classic fresh. This was until we realised that we won’t get to enjoy the experience. Playing at 250ms and higher is a noticeably poorer experience and not something we should have to do. We pay for the content the same as everyone else, we should get the same experience and at least 1 server.
Thanks a lot,
The Oceanic Region.


I know it is a work in progress but currently Maladath and skyfury are both listed under US East when you log in and both are listed as PVP

oce fresh servers!


Good they should be banned… they cheat and we suffer for it. Let them go play Lost Ark or something where its all about the $ rather than skill or sweat equity to advance a character.

I think opening transfers would be cool at the minimum date, but ONLY for accounts that already have a max toon on the server. I say this because we don’t want someone creating a level 1 just so they can transfer their whole character screen of max toons to the server.

Agreed, I have my character to 80 and raiding on the fresh server and now would like to move my others over so they are together.

I am starting to think that even if they do not open transfers it would be nice if they unlocked the boost for those of us already on the server. I would love to have a mage too but just cannot bring myself to level another one with the xp boost haha

With heirlooms, just level a bit here and there, and you’ll be in Northrend in no time!

With a DK maybe, starting from 1 you aren’t gonna hit 68 in no time.

Sure you will… but, I mean… it’s all relative, right?

For you, perhaps 1-58 is “the grind.”

True I suppose.

It’s like asking someone “Is 4 months a lot?”

To spend in a waiting room, or to complete college? :smiley: