New Fresh Start Realms with Wrath Classic

Can you just release the servers now as fresh classic for a month, and then classic TBC for a month, so i dont have to wait to start playing again until you decide to release fresh. Like seriously I am waiting to play until fresh.

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Given Blizzard’s track record of poor decisions, this isn’t a risk I’m willing to take. I doubt others will either. DOA.


no bruh, people want wrath, thats why noone stayed around for SoM, the majority of the players want to get into wrath, but they also like the idea of a full reset start leading into wrath.


Transfers/boosts at any point on a fresh realm makes no sense unless you’re trying to make money. That’s why I can’t trust your words. A fresh server should never be allowed to be transfered or boosted on because it will ruin the economy. I can’t trust you to engage in this conversation honestly, this is blizzard.


The more dead realms the more paid transfers people will buy.

Posting here for awareness, more information on the subject:

RE: Fresh Lich King Realms and transfer restrictions

I think Aggrend beat me to the punch on this in another thread, but yes, we intend to monitor these realms as they approach the 90 day mark and see if it makes sense to extend the restrictions. For at least 90 days (meaning that it could be longer), all 3 things (boosts, transfers, and DKs without a 55) will be restricted. After 90 days we’ll consider which of those restrictions should be extended, and for how much longer. It might make sense to keep all of them, or maybe only some of them.

As a hypothetical example, we might get to 90 days and see that there are so many max-level Death Knights that it no longer makes sense to require a level 55 to make a Death Knight on these realms, and make them eligible for your first Death Knight without a level 55, while still preventing incoming transfers. Or maybe we’ll want to do the exact opposite. Our intent is to communicate that we realize allowing transfers, boosts, and DKs too early defeats the point of these realms, and that we’ll only introduce them when we feel it makes sense.

To answer the question of why we’d ever want to allow transfers from old-to-fresh, consider that you might have a friend who didn’t roll fresh, and you might have a spot open on your roster that she could fill. Obviously, the point is to start on a level playing field, but gold inflates with each expansion, so its certainly conceivable that the economy on these servers may start to match the others, and if they did, I’m not sure continuing to restrict transfers would be the right call at that point. As others have pointed out, there are gold limits on transfers, though its also true that raw gold isn’t the only form of transferrable wealth.

In short, our intent is to keep the restrictions for as long as it feels like it makes sense, and for the time being we’re willing to commit to a 90-day minimum. I hope that helps alleviate some concerns.

I really appreciate all the thoughtful discussion in this thread!

Bots and 24x7 farmers just found their new haven without server transfers opening at 90 days.
That may also be the case that server life will be exactly 90 days or less.

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The business monitoring case
1: Can the company make a profit from this ?
2: If profit is exponential in a order of magnitude, how much and at what cost ?
3: When do profit margins start to exceed community ethical values ?

Draw a line in the sand and make a hard decision…90 days is a joke. If the senior development team actually had the tenacity to grow a set and stand up like true leaders and care about this community, this wouldn’t even be on the table.




Can we just have a Phase 4 tbc server to start leveling on now? I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs…

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That is why they barely talk to us anymore, and have selected a few “representatives” to talk instead via community council.

A date for the pve/pvp restriction removal pllleeeaassseeee!!!

Also what are plans for those on “high” or “full” realms but where it’s 95% one faction dominated and a player is on the opposite faction will they get free transfers?

We’d love some word on boosts too, please! I’m sure you guys can plainly see that boosting is another topic that the community is very concerned about for this update.

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they did. xfers, boosts, and the dk restriction all wont be available for at least 90 days.

now all we need is a statement on how they intend to combat the gold farmers and bots because fresh servers will be a cash cow for them.

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In my opinion, they should lock transfers for 180 instead of 90. The 90 day hold on boosts seems fine but, transfers should be kept off these realms for longer so that they remain in a more organic state for a greater period of time.

very well could end up 180 days, they did say at the very least 90 days afterall… its just a MINIMUM of 90 days. The greater issue at hand is battling RMT.

Please drop some sort of fresh TBC while we wait for classic…

Just should not happen. period.
legit ruining the servers before even booting them up, skill!

90 days to level another alt and farm dailies before bringing mains over with loads of gold or inventories full of mats, it completely misses the problem with it to begin with.

Awful lot of servers being freed up from consolidations, hows that tbc era server set goin…oh wait, nevermind… -.-


We should make an effort to have the people who are serious about a long term commitment to these fresh servers coordinate to all join the same server. Giving it the best chance to show Blizz that their transfers are not necessary. Yes we might have to put up with some longer queues but we will all be happier in the end.

We have no choice but to take Blizz at their word, whether we get the transfers that we hate is in our hands now.


Its good they are holding off “Transferring to” a fresh realm… But what if someone wants the fresh leveling experience but does not want to stay on this server and transfer to their main server they play on now with guild and friends.

Will “TRANCFER OFF” be available for these type of players with Wrath Official launch day?

Please blizzard I beg you, consider only making one fresh realm per region. I don’t care if you make it pvp or pve but just ONE (tho I’d rather take the pvp option)
In that way you solve the balancing issue cause they won’t have anywhere else to run off if their faction gets to 51/49 (cry babies) and will ensure that the realm has a healthy pop through out the expansion.