New Fresh Start Realms with Wrath Classic

The TBC servers already looking empty with people not playing as they are waiting for Fresh servers. Why not release them sooner?
I sure am waiting. No point in dailies or even leveling a toon. A lot of people I know that are returning stopped leveling their characters that are only about a month old saying “I’ll just get in on fresh”. Also, you better nip that xfer between servers after 90 days in the butt. You are literally enabling all the gold sellers…


Was really happy for this announcement till I read they would only be fresh for 90 days. I know you can’t really stay fresh forever but it should be cut off from transfers for 6-8 months not 90 days. I’ll be passing this up unless I hear different. What a shame.


This….is not where I thought you were going with this.

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Another great idea that will be ruined by this company’s greed. There should be no xfers allowed whatsoever or the experience of the fresh server will be ruined.


This feels like an experiment Blizzard is running to see if player behavior really is the driving force behind a dysfunctional server economy. They gave the community an opportunity for a fresh experience with a heads up, but nothing suggests RMT or botting will be managed any differently. I would probably temper expectations here as I highly doubt gold buying or botting will go away.

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Awesome news! Finally a good decision, they should just take back the 90 days and replace it for at least 1 year, or even forever.
Hope that they won’t implement RBG’s, that are definitely not part of WOTLK and imo, one of the worst takes on pvp and that they don’t rush the phases.
Classic shouldn’t be focused on meta sweatylords, or in e-sports/streamers/zoomers, that play around 100h/w,eek. Classic is like a good old wine, not one more beer to open during a crazy night.


So… It sounds like a grand idea. But when do we think these realms would drop? As well as, after 90 days what’s stopping the market from just doing a downward spiral? Lol

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Myself and other members of the team have been reading through a lot of the responses about Fresh Start servers since it was announced, and the common feedback we’ve seen is concern over the idea of transfers opening after the servers have been live for 90 days. I felt it was important to chime in and highlight that Kaviax’s post specifically mentions they won’t be available for at least 90 days. As in, at minimum.

The concept of opening fresh start realms in this way for Classic is somewhat new territory for us, so in this situation we believe its very important to carefully monitor the population on these new realms, observe player behavior, and listen to feedback on this topic. There is nothing saying that transfers must flip on exactly on day 91, day 191, or even day 991 and we don’t intend to commit to an arbitrary timeframe for transfers to become enabled super far ahead of time. We plan to be very thoughtful and deliberate when it comes to how and when we lift the restrictions around transfers on these realms.

So to reiterate, 90 days is the absolute minimum amount of time we’d wait to open transfers, and we intend to listen to the feedback we get on this very carefully. If the realms are healthy and we don’t feel the need to open transfers on these realms, we won’t rush to do so. The team really wants to take care with anything we do here because of how excited many players are about the idea of being able to start fresh and have that type of “equal playing field” experience in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. We are excited about it too, and we really want to take our time and ensure that the experience is as awesome as it can be.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this does a little bit to reassure some concerns about this. As always, thank you so much for the comments and feedback!


just don’t open too many, one mega server per region could be enough


Thank you for the post as me and some friends are trying to decide if it is worth waiting so much time for the new servers.

Any plans of an earlier release of these fresh servers as we (gladly) have to level more than all the other guys before WOTLK hits?

And, most importantly… Any plans regarding the GDKP situation in the servers?

Thank you!


Has there been any discussion about combatting botting and RMT on these new servers? You touched on one of the issues mentioned in this thread, but you seemed to of completely ignored the main issue - the economy. What is Blizzard doing to ensure these new servers don’t get massacred by waves of RMT-focused gamers?


Like the other servers were observed and curated in the last 2 years right?
Players warned you guys when things would have obvious consequences, and nothing was done to stop it.

Layers created mega servers, and killed off 80% of the realms.

Boosting ruined low level content, allowed botters and farmers the ability to easily profit off new accounts. Coincidentally also increasing the company’s profit every 9 month ban wave.

Faction imbalance speaks for itself. Putting paid transfers before the health of the game.

Altering the way experience is gained creating the boosting issue the game faces. If the Athene method of leveling was intact you’d have less full groups of afk players being boosted, in place you’d have 1 on 1 leveling… with a challenging twist players have to engage with.

Allowing honor slip ups to put players weeks ahead of others before TBC and not reverting those gains, headed into season 1 where we all know how horrible the honor grind was to get to the point of being able to compete.

The list can go on and on, It’s good to see someone actually responding on these forums though. But I think I speak for most players when I say we’re skeptical, if not at least keeping extremely low expectations.


As someone that is new to classic and started leveling now with the hype for Wrath classic does this mean that I will not be able to being my then max character into WotLK classic?

That’s nice to hear, but can you please clarify about boosts as well? You’re saying server transfers are not necessarily coming at 90 day mark, but what about character boosts? Are those also (possibly) delayed?

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I’d assume its the same as the xfers since boosts are listed in the OP as being prevented


If you’re going to have more than 1 fresh server per region then you need to make xfers only be done between the fresh servers


Fresh WotLK is welcome news. May I offer a suggestion with Classic era servers, as the population is so dead could we have all servers merged into 1 or 2 servers for Classic era the others are just wasted. Also could we get TBC era servers, again just 1 or 2, no need for character copy, maybe just have them as fresh or seasonal etc. I’d love to see an option to progress through classic era then opt to move up through the era servers or just seasonal servers for each xpac.

Basically like blizzards official version of private servers, no more the 1 or 2 servers for each xpac, it would be a huge waste for blizz to abandon TBC and have private servers take up this niche.


Gee I wonder if you’ll choose to open server transfers up as soon as physically possible to maximize profit.

It’s not like Blizz are known for money grubbing scumbag moves or anything


Just having the possibility of transfers kills the idea of a fresh realm for me.


Great news, that’s one step closer to making the community feel welcome, I will forward the sentiment of my fellow gamers and say that all that’s left now is to make GDKPs a punishable offense, with these two things going for fresh you’ll have a outstanding community .