New Forum Tomorrow

I do like that you can see liked posts. Much more transparent. But the rest is really high tech and complicated and I HATE the eternal scrolling.

You should know that Forsaken are absolute GREAT holders. Once we have our hands on you we’ll never let go.

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*Testing, just found out can’t add images**

Oh good we have a story forum blue tracker for all those blue posts in the story forum we don’t have.


I don’t like this.


Uh oh, so people that aren’t subbed being able to post isn’t actually intended

Oh, old news. WTB pages back.

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How do you quote a post? All I see are options to like, bookmark, flag, link, or reply to a post without quoting it.

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Highlight the text you want to quote, and a quote option should appear.

Of all the ways this change was clearly designed for mobile… this one makes the least sense to me.

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This is an ugly looking forum, ugh.

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You can also quote a post if you hit the reply field for that post and then click the chat bubble button the left of the formatting options. If you just use the generic reply field at the bottom of the thread, it defaults to a reply to the Original Post of the thread.


Actually, that just strikes me as sensible design, one of the few reasonable features sussed out so far. That method DOES automatically nest quotes though so there will be times it won’t be appropriate.


These forums are super gross now. Plz revert.

So… madness?

I can’t say that I approve of this new design. It is going to take a lot of time to get used to… For now, it just feels unpleasant to read and look at. It is like I am staring at too little and too much all at once.

I’m sure it functions well enough, and I already notice some mechanical improvement, but… it just seems so scattered.

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Apparently, it is public how many likes you have received and how many you have given, in the character profile screen. And it will also tell you who the person gave those likes to (but not everyone who they received them from, just the top people who liked their posts). Why do I suddenly feel like I’m on a reality show?


I feel like that’s a lot of superfluous information being made public, just because.

I also feel like my privacy is a bit invaded, as irrational as it sounds.

This new like system will take a while to get use to.

Does anyone think it’s a little weird that anyone can see who liked a post? Which poster has liked you the most, and which you have liked that most?

Like… I’m probably just saying this cause it’s new and I’m just not used to it, but it feels almost like information I might not want just anyone to be able to see.