New Felguard Glyphs

There are so many felguard variations, you even see them in your order hall yet we are still stuck with same colored felguard. 9.1.5 would be an easy addition to giving demo a little customization.


Would be easier for them to just put it under the Barber options. A lot of the Druid glyphs were definitely made useless because of the decision to move them to it, why not similar cases for Warlock’s pets? I dunno how much that COULD work or if it is even possible but I feel like it should be but that’s just my opinion. Any way to get a variety of choices would be great.

Now I imagine getting a Fel Lord as a option… That be nice.

If you havent noticed warlocks are on the back burner and have been for years when it comes to customization compared to all other classes.


Sure makes a lot of sense if that is truly the case (Which may very well be given the experience throughout BFA/Shadowlands). Lot of bugs, no QoL changes. I wouldn’t even call that “Toy” Warlocks are getting in 9.1.5 a QoL, just a bandage for the most minor thing to the Gateway.

support warlock stables :smiley:


We just need to continue the weapon variant they finally allowed, and let us fit the Fel out with armour and shield mods. The devs will get to it once they run out of ideas lavishing over their golden child class druids.