New Expansion Release Date

Any ideas? Guesses?

I would love to play at the start but probably won’t be able to until next summer.

Rumors saying 2023.


Considering we have another full season, or at least presumably full season, ahead of us in Shadowdump, and if you consider a possible draught after, Spring/Summer 2023 might not be too far off.

To get an idea of how far away it might be, FF14 might already be talking about their next expansion before this thing comes out lol.

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it’ll probably be another year at the earliest, since they haven’t announced when the beta starts even.

February 30th of next year.


Honestly, I have no idea but I’m guessing 1st quarter 2023.


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Q1 2023 is my guess

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2023 for sure. The original Dragonflight Blue post randomly had the word August in it…

So August 2023.

(August is also an adjective that means impressive or grand, but I’m sticking with it.)

I’m guessing summer 2023. Buckle in for a long ride!

Season 4 is intended to hold us over a little bit while also putting in as few development hours for sure. Which, is fine. Better than having a year long content drought imo. Inevitably, we’ll still have a content drought at some point (but that’s the norm).

March 2023, Day 1 on Gamepass.