New DK intro ****spoilers*****

DK eye effects and why we haven’t seen them ingame before. A brief history.

WoW’s game engine is named Azeroth. Azeroth is old, has been somewhat neglected due to RL budget issues and company politics but changes are on the way.

These changes showed up in updated sections of the game, hence the alliance getting new mounts in the form of updated horses. This was misunderstood and caused some complaints but the reality is, alliance received updated mounts first.

Then there’s the AR’s which, on the surface appeared to be a somewhat relaxed way (read lazy if you prefer) of providing additional content, especially when some of the ARs appeared to be just reskins of existing races however it appears to be an attempt at giving more choices to the players.
More model updated/upgraded choices.

So then they change up the eyeballs of all avatars and it appears that the DK’s get vapour aka gas coming from their eyes and this seems new but it’s not.

DK’s have always farted from their eyes, it’s just that we didn’t see it before because Azeroth is old and had been somewhat neglected but then some angry guy came along, gave Azeroth an enema in the form of a giant sword and now, Az feels better and is finally getting a little love in the form of some updates and now, we can suddenly see that our beloved goth DKs have always been farting from their eye sockets.

Is this the lore? No. I pulled this out my butt and it was funnier when it was in my head but this is a potential reason that we can now see DK eye vapour as they are filled with power and that tends to seep, hence the eyes.

If you read this, I apologize. Have a g’day.

Fun fact: Blizzard started working on WoW back in 1999.

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It has absolutely everything to do with graphical improvements and not this false sense of retcon you keep claiming. LOL

Literally every race is getting updated eyes— and not as an option. The only reason golden eyes and bls k eyes are options is because not everyone is either near the Sunwell nor near Tyrande when she became the Night Warrior. Every single DK got their power and Undeath from the Lich King.

Can’t believe I come back after making dinner to see you still flailing over your argument. :rofl::joy::rofl:


They might just be leaving it for the actual Shadowlands expansion, same with the features.

But honestly, I am not too bothered, this way I can choose where I want to level. Going through the original DK zone for like 10-20minutes got tedious, as well as the DH. (They really should just give an option to skip it if you want)

“Everyone is getting new eyes - not as an option either. Except not everyone is getting new eyes. And they’re pretty much all optional.” Rofl.

Races are getting a graphical update to eyes, honey. It’s why they made a news post about this being the first step in eye updates. :woman_facepalming:t4:

Oh good lord… clearly you have no clue what’s going on. :woman_facepalming:t4:

As we discussed at BlizzCon, we are bringing many new customization options to player-characters in Shadowlands, and this is an early step that we’re taking to lay groundwork for updating this particular look.

Hi tuiie, rp double elite here. I think the new intros pretty fine. Maybe you just aren’t rp elite enough for it. I suggest beating the elite four a few more times.

that sounds like exactly what a lot of us suggested they do

So by everyone you really meant nights elves, blood elves, and death knights. Turns out that, without any knowledge of these updates, I was closer to the truth than you were. lol.

Still doesn’t prove that the new vapor effect is because of because of new tech. Just that they are doing them at the same time out of convenience and Death Knights are a thematic centerpiece for the next expansion so they saw an opportunity to make a desired thematic change.

Honestly, I didn’t expect much more than a “Hey, welcome back to the meat grinder! Rune blades on the left, Deathchargers on the right. Now get out there and make Daddy proud!”

It’s almost as if you didn’t read…

this is an early step


“It’s a retcon!” is not “it’s a graphical update and not a retcon.”

Do you even read what you type? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s a graphical update… and still isn’t a retcon…

Wow. You’ll seriously reach for anything to stretch into some way to desperately try to be right? :roll_eyes:

You have fun dying on that hill. It’s been downhill for you for a while, though.

I should never have gotten involved with your nonsense again. LOL


The graphical update Blizz referred to in the article you posted referred to the eyeball itself, which is changed and you can see that on the PTR. The vapor effect is just something they are adding at the same time.

This new effect doesn’t only coincide with the graphical update of the eyeballs. It coincides with allied race death knights. IE a thametic change in appearance is coinciding with a another drastic thematic change in the population of Death Knights.

Death Knights are changing. They are being taken in a new direction. That is clearly the point. And that’s why we are all going to look like Bwonsamdi - another BfA figure. Much like Vulpera and whatnot.

That looks REALLY bad.

Why are they doing this?

Advancements in graphical capabilities have led to this improvement, which Death Knights were always supposed to have (just didn’t), if we are to believe the supporters of it in this thread.

You need to see it on all the DKs of each race. On some it’s just okay, on others it’s really great.

To each their own.

Boy I can’t wait until they start adding stupid glowing effects to everything then. It’s like whenever George Lucas decides to change something in the original Star Wars Trilogy and says “no no it was supposed to be like this the entire time but we never had the technology to do it”.
What an awful change.

On Blood Elves it looks fine. Good even. On Humans, who probably make up the highest percentage of DK’s, it looks really bad. Like an extra set of blue eyebrows or something.

And Third War DKs are inferior to Second War DKs. They’re so awesome we don’t even get to play as them.

Wait til it’s available then go to the barbershop and see about adjusting it, skin tone, etc…

I only say that because it looks great on taurens, NEs, some others. But if you really hate it, I can sympathize.
I really hated the NE updates which is why I don’t play them anymore but that’s me.

At least the eye effects aren’t as extreme as what DH’s have. That drives me nuts. Also, there’s a blindfold ingame that can be xmogged but I think it’s only in leather.
Not sure if that would work.

Wait, where’s the spoilers?

The title says spoilers. I don’t see any spoilers. /disappointed.