New Discord for ER

Hello, Earthen Ringers. Over the years, I’ve heard people ask about (and sometimes for) a Discord for the server as a whole. I admit, I’m not the best with this sort of thing, but given our present situation, I do recognize the need. Most folks do not use the forums, and the in game features are lacking. Discord is the go-to platform for online communities these days. As such, I’ve put one together. It’s a little bare bones right now, but I’m happy to add to it or make changes. I’ve included a channel to advertise your guild, a place to post things for trade, a place to advertise RP events, and also LFG. I know these things all exist in game, but this is something that doesn’t have the restrictions the in game channels have.

My hope is that we can see some positive communication and server health come out of this. If anyone has any questions or suggestions, you’re free to contact me. I’m pretty responsive on Discord, when I’m around. It’s also important that we pass this around so that it CAN grow. If you’re willing, tell your friends or guildies that are on ER to come as well. The more we grow, the better an experience we can all have on our server.

Is this a thing? Cool! Bump

It is indeed! Everyone is welcome!