New DirectX Usuage


As i understand it, the graphics for Tides of Vengeance has been updated. Is there a way i can use the old graphics still? because since the patch when i log in the graphics are actually worse then what they were before the patch. My computer can only go as high as DirectX 11. My graphics settings are all still the same, but the detail and texture of everything is so much worse. My graphics card driver is up to date too, and my graphics card is an intel HD graphics 4600. Anyone know how i can fix this? Or am I stuck with it like this?


I may be having the same issue, but it says ‘character not found’ when I try to log onto one of my characters. Explanation?

(Naros) #3

If the only graphics pipeline your computer can support is DirectX 11, then nothing changed for you based on what was documented for 8.1.

The graphics changes that were made in 8.1 impact DirectX 12 only. Those changes were designed to allow the game client to render using DX12 faster and therefore users potentially could see faster FPS than they had previously.


Do you think it could be the changes in graphics for d12 that is making my characters not load? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling ptr to see if it fixes it and I tried the scan/repair but it didn’t do anything either. I posted about it on the bug forums for ptr but still no response from Blizzard. I’m not entirely sure how to check if my computer uses d11 or d12.


I don’t have graphics issues, but the character selection screen shows my characters after a long wait & when I select a character it returns with “Character not found”.
The same with copied and newly created characters.
I have tried removing Cache and WTF.
I have tried a fresh and new install.
I have even tried this in new $WINEPREFIXes in Linux and the conditions are identical on both linux and windows.
I have submitted Issue ID: #64907891 and the response directed me here.