New combat potion change

I bet the dev team has a karen that makes a HUGE DEAL over small little things that nobody even thought or knew was a problem.

Aka there was no problem, they made a problem


If it is a small little thing then what is the issue?

How is the change bad?


The potion stock market is crashing! SELL SELL SELL


Why though?

People were already worrying about GCD changes.

Now you need to throw in potion, cds, minor offesenive, major offensive, trinket - before you can start your rotation?

This seems unnecessary, or at the very least, to OP’s point - not nearly important enough over the other issues.

Very true, RIP alchemy


That’s why

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I’m fine with it. Never really used them that much anyway!

Those damn things are too expensive for me lol.

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Personally I feel that 5 min is too long a cooldown. 3 min seems much more reasonable.


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I haven’t raided in ages so I have to ask. Do boss encounters usually last more than 5 minutes?

The gap between potting as frequently as you can in M+ and not potting is too wide.

In raids, you use 2 pots per fight. That’s it. Doesn’t matter if you’re on an early boss on heroic or a cutting edge killer of Mythic content. But with M+, how many people are actually potting as frequently as they could be? It’s too expensive to push progression in M+ compared to in raids.

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I can only speculate. I see it from the perspective of a raider - we only really choose when to pop one potion per encounter really. The prepot is just standard operating procedure and is pretty much mandatory. Maybe the designers would like to move away from that.

The pots the OP is addressing directly are not on the gcd though.

Not really. You use those things when it is best to use them. They have traditionally all been used in sync with one another. Not seeing how this change changes that.

I don’t really see a big negative downside here. I don’t think it is all that important.

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It’s a weird change. I’m not sure why Blizzard felt obligated to remove prepotting and switch to a much longer cooldown. It also ought to have very large impact in M+.


“Also”… I feel like the change was made specifically for M+. Most people like pre-potting, even if it is a bit of a jank systme. If Blizzard really wanted to preserve pre-potting, they could simply allow you to use a pot for like 5 seconds after the pull. I think pre-potting is simply a victim of changes they wanted to make specifically for M+. M+ pushing is super expensive compared to raiding and they probably want to bring that way back down and more in line with something reasonable. Eating 15 pots for one push attempt is absurd.


Oh yeah. I tried potting every pull one dungeon just to see the power, and jeez it really does make a difference.

But I really cant do that because of how expensive it is.

I think that’s a good point, although progression raiding can go through a fair few pots as well when you make 20+ attempts on a boss in a given night.

It’s clearly a mythic+ based change with how insanely expensive it can be.

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Pretty decent change imo. Fights under 5 minutes are unchanged, but fights over 5 that have a tight dps check in the middle force you to choose how to use potions.

Shareholder Karen = Sharon…oh my gawddddd

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I read it. What I am asking is who thought they were a hassle, who thought they were too expensive (alchemists sure as hell didn’t), and who thought that putting them on a 5 minute CD makes them more “decision-oriented?” All that does is change the decision you make, it doesn’t make it any more or less decision-oriented.

It’s a sideways change, not a positive or a negative. And my question is just… why? Why bother with these sorts of changes? This is a waste of time and no one had an issue with how potions were.

Unchanged? Fights under 5 minutes had their potion usage cut in half. Which means the “decisions” that they want us to make were reduced in half. Making them less decision oriented.

This is the thing that bothers me. Why are the designers even thinking about this? It’s such a minimal non-issue that nobody cares about, and the dev time is being eaten up brainstorming “HEY LET’S CHANGE POTION TIMERS!” It just misses the mark of what the community is expecting when they make changes.

and reiterating again, it isn’t a “bad” change. It’s also by no means a good change. It’s just a change. Which is why I’m asking why. Nobody cared about how potions were used. It’s just a change for the sake of making a change.

Even if this decision took them 2 hours to come up with, most of us would rather those 2 hours go to figuring out more spells to take off GCD or something useful.

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